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What to Tell Clients Who Say “You’re too expensive.”

What to Tell Clients Who Say “You’re too expensive.”

First of all, I can’t and won’t blame you if you just put an end to the whole thing right then and there. It’s the equivalent of being “friendzoned” by your love interest. Hey, don’t pursue it, don’t force the issue. And move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. You can even throw in the “it’s your loss, not mine” card.

That would have been my advice 10 years ago, when I haven’t had the benefit of a ton of experience yet – both stressful and rewarding — in marketing, sales, negotiation, compromise, and yes, nurturing relationships. I, too, wish it were as simple as that.

But it’s amazing how much the years teach you. As you log on miles in life and in whatever career you are in, so do you gain wisdom – wisdom necessary to prove your point, to refute a claim, and to respond to statements that the inexperienced of the lot dread. Such as when a client tells you — after you’ve gone through all the barriers and checklists and demos – that “Your product/service is too expensive.”

It will stun and it will sting and sometimes, it will leave you groggy – just like what a punch to the temple does to boxers. But when you’ve had more than your fair share of hits like that, you instinctively roll with the punch — and sometimes, throw a counterpunch or two.. Here’s what I’ve learned from experts, from clients, and from my personal experience.

Ignore it.

Yes, exactly what I would have said 10 years ago. But why? Because whether you like it or not, there are really times when you don’t have to defend yourself, or in this case, your price. When you’re in a position where you’re filled to the brim with other clients (who don’t complain), it’s better to use your energy on them than waste it engaging with people like this.

In this case, just thank the client for considering your company and tell them you were glad to have helped them. Never apologize for your price and stay connected with these prospects. We’ll never know when they change their minds and vacate to your company. Don’t stop nurturing and keep them interested always. Send them some digital download