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Chief Revenue Officer: Improving Sales Operations

Being responsible for all of the revenue generation processes of an organisation is a big undertaking. You are essentially responsible for the productivity and results of an entire workforce who you may have little contact with on a day to day basis.

Nobody likes micromanagement and your sales teams will not appreciate you breathing down their necks monitoring their progress and figures. So how do you improve your sales operations and boost the figures without looking like an overbearing dragon?

Walking the fine line between overly supportive manager and domineering figure cracking the whip is like a tightrope act. You need your salesforce to respect you and the best way to get respect in any walk of life is to earn it. So, what can you do to earn the respect your difficult role deserves?

Not just paying lip service

It is great to verbally support your sales team and sales management by voicing your continuing confidence and support in them, however actions speak louder than words. Really show your team that you are completely behind them by sending your sales leaders and operational management on sales training courses. This does not show that you think they need additional training, rather it shows that you know they can handle broadening their skill set and they are ready to take on additional qualifications.

It also shows a commitment to the future of their career which your sales leaders will appreciate. You will then see their new skills being implemented in their work and the sales figures that they are producing. Ensuring that the team below you who are directly responsible for sales is highly skilled and trained in the best-selling techniques will have a knock-on effect which will see reliable, predictable sales growth.

CRM is not just for the sales person

While you will rely heavily upon your sales team to produce the figures, it is up to you not to give them an impossible task. As a chief revenue officer, you will have an important say in regards to the development, pricing and launch of any new products. You should therefore be armed with a detailed knowledge of your existing and potential client base in order to accurately predict how successful a product launch is likely to be.

Hopefully, the training courses you have sent your sales leader on will have reinforced the importance of ensuring the sales teams are using your organisations CRM to full effect and so it should be brimming with important information on your clients such as their current and potential requirements, their markets, who are the decision makers and have they been happy with our service before. Accessing your CRM and learning from it should help you to shape your next product launch so that you see positive sales figures almost immediately. If you hand your sales team a product or service which their leads simply neither need or want, then you are already facing an uphill battle.

And finally, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

If you already have a seemingly successful sales process, don’t try to alter it. What you can do however, in order to improve sales operations, is use that process and as a template to roll out throughout the company. Often referred to as sales process mapping, this can help you to boost figures and be able to more accurately predict future sales and trend.Chief Revenue Officer: Improving Sales Operations