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Floating Floors: Everything You Need To Know

Floating floors are a low cost and effective way to add flooring to your property. Here we look at the different aspects of floating floors.

Floating Floors: Everything You Need To Know

Floating floors are a modern way to install flooring for a low-cost and incredibly fast installation. Floating floors are not flooring types, but a way to install a floor. Instead of the floor tiles, or boards being attached to the floor, the tiles or board attach to each other either by mechanism or with a special glue.

Different Types of Floating Floors

You may think you haven't seen a floating floor before, but they are actually very common. Laminate flooring for example, is a common floating floor type. Laminate will almost never be found attached to the floor underneath. Luxury Vinyl is the same, and usually uses a special locking in mechanism to attach the pieces together. Engineered floor tiles can also be found in a floating floor capacity. Non slip tiles can also be used.

Floors That Are Not Floating

Some floors are not usually found to be floating floors such as hardwood which always has to be fastened to the original flooring. Ceramic tile is the same, although there are perhaps one or two floating types out