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What is Flutter and Why You Should Choose It?

 What is Flutter and Why You Should Choose It?

Flutter is Google’s ultimate answer to cross-platform development. It is a fully loaded SDK for developing versatile, high-performance, highly reliable mobile and web apps for diverse platforms. Using a single codebase for building apps for multiple platforms while delivering expressive UI and native performance is the key strength of Flutter.

The key components of Flutter are the following.

Dart platform

Flutter uses Dart as its core language. The framework makes use of the most advanced aspects of the Dart language. For example, Flutter is capable of running in a Dart virtual machine that comes equipped with an engine for well-timed execution.

Flutter Engine

Flutter comes with an engine that uses C++ as its primary language and which is also capable of delivering low-level rendering support. Flutter SDK also provides a modern and reactive Flutter framework that comes ready with widgets, rich platforms, and app layout.


The UI design with Flutter becomes extremely easier because of this component. Flutter uses composition methods so that each widget can be made up of several small widgets. This helps in building apps with flexible and expressive UI. Flutter also comes with design specific widgets that allow either implanting Google’s material design or Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Original Source: Flutter App Developers India