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Gambling in Germany

gambling in GermanyGermany’s relationship with online gambling has been in a grey area for quite a long time. It was largely illegal, except for about 20-something operators who had permission. There were not many legal gambling sites als NativeCasinos in Germany, and the process of obtaining a license was extremely hard and complicated.

According to a new regulation that will take place starting the 1st of July, Germany will be legalizing online casinos and poker officially, on a state level. The legislation was passed at a meeting in Berlin.

When will it go into effect?

The changes will be implemented slowly as the regulatory body Glücksspiel Neuregulierung Staatsvertrag /GlüändStv/ will be instantiating online casinos and poker among legal ways to gamble online.

As of now, only sports betting will be allowed for companies who obtain the license from Darmstadt Regional Council, for which 30 companies have already submitted an application, and about the same number is allegedly making plans to do so in the near future.

What do you need to know?

Sports betting will also be one of the subjects that will undergo some changes with new guidelines. Mainly, live betting will be limited to a degree, specifically how the bets are made on final results and the next scorers.

Besides poker and sports betting, most other casino games will be fully allowed as well, including the oft-desired slots which are very popular all around the world. Due to their popularity, slots will come with some very strict guidelines that need to be followed by each and every casino offering them. As an example, the maximum bet per spin will be limited to €1, along with a mandatory €1000 deposit limit. Slots will also need to be advertised and offered separately from all other table games, and they may not be advertised between the times of 6AM and 9PM.

One of the main advantages that this change will bring is the safety of the consumer. As stated, online gambling is a grey area in many countries, and that includes Germany. The government officially stepping in to regulate the environment ensures that people may safely try out a lot of different casinos. Comparing the best casino bonus codes is something that many gamblers use as a main deciding factor for choosing an online casino, but what they often miss is the safety aspect of it, meaning how trustworthy and legitimate a casino is. There’s also the issue of reliability of the software itself, payment processing and more. With the government officially setting standards, the bar will be much higher, ensuring higher overall quality for all players.