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Social Media Marketing- Yoda had it right! (Revised)

I wrote this article a few months back, but today especially, I felt I needed to add a few things, and bring a few things to light based on conversations I have had today with a few new prospects. 

Social Media Marketing- Yoda had it right! (Revised)

“ Do, or Do not. There is no ‘try’ ”

Such simple words from one of the greatest teachers in the galaxy. Many Star Wars fans will remember this line from Jedi Master Yoda. In all honesty, when it comes to Social Media, he is 100% correct. If you are going to advertise, promote, or establish your brand online via social media, there is no “try”. You either do, or you don’t. If you cannot dedicate a block of time on a regular basis, then don’t, or find someone who can (for example... someone like... me).  From an SEO management standpoint, It can actually harm your business. You do not have to be on social media daily for every platform, however you do need to be consistent (weekly, bi weekly, monthly…). We recently re-evaluated our social media strategy and found that our early dated blogs and posts had become irrelevant and actually started dragging us down. So we cleaned house. We have mentioned this concept of staying current and consistent to our clients, some listen some don't. With Facebook having close to a BILLION users, trust me, they [potential clients] will notice which businesses put in an effort to reach them, and those who just have it " 'cuz everyone else has one". Some business owners do not look at the potential power, effort and responsibility that comes along with it. There are well over 90 (89 since Twitter has dropped VINE)  different and unique social media platforms. Your top 5 social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked-in, and Pinterest.

The bottom line simply is quality and consistency. You must develop a strong strategy. Plan out your goals, you won't get very far by just posting whatever, whenever. Mark Walker-Ford published an article that outlined a basic illustration on how often  ( and what) to post based on a particular social media platform.  Though it is dated 2014, it's a good start for you, or your new clients who may be apprehensive when jumping on the social media bandwagon. You can find that article here: http://bit.ly/2fDqcSb

Here is a working example:
Earlier I mentioned one of the top social media sites being Pinterest. Research collected via Shaw Academy, states that Pinterest is actually ahead of Facebook in regards to traffic p