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Happy People Usually Earn More Money

Happy People Usually Earn More Money

Don’t worry, be happy--a simple saying that can help anyone out of a bad mood. Remaining positive and being happy can lead to great things. Not only does it improve your emotional well-being, but it can also help you to better wealth. It has been found that happy people usually earn more money than those who are not:

Better Productivity

When you’re happy, you’re more likely to get more tasks done. A positive attitude will motivate you to continue your work. A study by the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, found a connection between happiness and productivity. The researchers found that the random individuals chosen for the study who were made to feel happier had up to 12 percent greater productivity than those who were not. The more productive you are at work, the more your boss will notice your hard work which could lead to a significant salary raise.

Performance Reviews

When it comes to impressing the boss, those with happier dispositions and better moods tend to stand out. Happier people were found to have better performance reviews than others. Being happy generally rubs off on coworkers and on customers, which leads to a happier work environment. Being the source of better morale in the workplace looks good to employers and will ensure a better performance review. Better performance reviews can lead to a higher salary and more promotions.

More Optimism

Happier people tend to have a more optimistic outlook on life. This optimism makes them more likely to take on new experiences and opportunities. They aren't afraid of new obstacles and taking on uncertainties. Being unafraid of challenges and risks are traits that have been known to lead to great success. Rather than looking at their mistakes or bad decisions as failures, they see them as learning experiences they can learn from. Learning from their mistakes improves their work and will lead to greater success in the workplace.

Becoming the Solution

It’s no secret that some employees will complain about work. When they complain, the become a part of the problem and therefore bring down the workplace morale. Happier people become a part of the solution. Instead of complaining about the workplace, they try to help make it better and offer new solutions. This demonstrates confidence and leadership, which reflects well to employers. Becoming a part of the solution will present greater and more lucrative work opportunities.

It’s better to be happy rather than miserable in life and throughout your career. By becoming a happier person at work, you’re opening up more opportunities to become a better employee and earn more money.

Daniel Rodriguez 7 d ago · #1

#1- true articule: 1- Yes happy people usually make more money than the others yes, because the them enjoy what them do and them know with more money can enjoy much more, 2- Productivity, yes but a hard work draw with smart work is an insane wealthy way, because you can spend hours in whatever you do but if you dont use that time correctly all the time you spend is a waste of time, 3- The reviews are always great because is analize if you has reach your goals when your reach your targets everything just can go up, 4- Optimism must be always at head 2 phares #1: of entrepreneurs, networker, sellers, trading whatever the business or career (always be optimism, but always be prepare for the worst), and 2nd from Bruce. Lee (Take the no limits, like the limit) when you see and a obstacule that is more than great because that obstacule just will help you to make even more and better than before. 5- Become the Solution: this is the point solve the problem not just for your team, or customer, or leads, if not change the life of that person to better be the one help him/her not just sold him, if the one them say, "thanks for the help". Great articule Justin have a great day friend.