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Disadvantages of being Fit and Muscular

Disadvantages of being Fit and MuscularWe hear a lot of advantages on being fit, such as how it prolongs our life, is good for our well being and improves our living standard. Your health is your biggest wealth and you definitely should be taking your health seriously. However everything is not rosy for people who are fit. In this article we will talk about some of the disadvantages that people experience as they get fit. Keep in mind that these disadvantages are minor inconveniences when compared to the advantages of being healthy. The below mentioned disadvantages by no means justify ignoring your health.

Your Intelligence is Doubted: People generally perceive that you mostly focus on building up your body rather than improving your mind. The knee jerk response of most people is that you are a meathead. Moreover this perception of stupidity is combined with the perception that these fit individuals are vain about their body. This perception can sometimes make it very difficult for fit individuals to be taken seriously about anything other than fitness.

People are Afraid of you: If you are very muscular many people get intimidated by you quite easily, especially if you are of African descent. They might think that you are a bouncer or wrestler. This makes it difficult for you to meet new people freely. On the flip side this might have some advantages also as people will not screw with you easily.

It gets Difficult to find Clothing that fits well: As you get fit you realize that most of the brands do not make clothing suitable for athletic people. While your waist remains suited for small or medium sized shirts, your shoulders and chest get too big for them. If you get a shirt large or extra large in size, although it will fit your shoulders and chest, at the waist it will be too loose. Similarly for jeans, a jeans which fits you on you waist will not be able to house your glutes and quads, while if you get a jeans which can accommodate your glutes and quads it will be too loose on your waist.

You will be Type Casted as a Fitness Freak: People will form an image of you as a fit person in their mind and it becomes very difficult for them to look at you any other way. You can talk with them about a variety of other topics, such as literature, politics or philosophy, however they will never think of you on those terms and will pigeon hole you to the role of a person who is crazy about fitness.

Grocery Bill will Balloon: As you gain muscle mass, your metabolism will skyrocket. You will eat far more than what you used to eat previously. Moreover to stay fit you will mostly be