Kagan Murphy en Digital signage advertising, Marketing, Business 25/4/2018 · 2 min de lectura · +200

How to write a good text message to your dealership customer

Car dealerships today have the best communication tool at their hands: mobile texting. This advantageous solution has been around practically from the day cell phones saw the light of day – more than 25 years have passed since and it is still popular. With open-rate as high as 90% within three minutes from delivery, SMS is today the best tool for sending important messages to your customers. In fact, it skipped the phone call and email long time ago, and today presents an important asset every dealership should have.

However, there are some rules your staff members need to know before they start texting your customers.

First of all, the messages must not be unsolicited. This means that, according to the TCPA (TelephoneConsumer Protection Act of 1992), you must have a prior written consent from your customers to engage in such communication. And secondly, your dealership must ensure data anonymity, which means that personal data such as names and phone numbers, as well as messaging history, must be safeguarded.

When it comes to the actual message your dealership is supposed to send, here are some general, common sense guidelin