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How to Choose Family pet friendly accommodation in north east Victoria

Started planning a trip to Northeast Victoria? Well, the first thing you need to do is look for an accommodation that allows you to bring along your furry friend. Even though more and more hotels are accepting pets, there are some that don’t. So, you need to ensure the accommodation you choose allows you to bring along your pet for the trip. Before choosing the pet-friendly family accommodation in North east Victoria, ensure you consider some of the important things.

         How to Choose Family pet friendly accommodation in north east Victoria

Easy outdoor accessibility

You might look for ground- floor rooms if you are travelling with your furry friend. In fact, you might look for easy outside entrances or exterior doors as these types of rooms make it easier to take your pets outside for bathroom breaks. This is really important if you have older pets that require frequent toilet breaks or dogs with mobility issues where even a shorter distance is appreciated. Along with this, if you have family members in a wheelchair, it is easy to look for rooms that make entry and hassle-free.

Proper accessibility to dog walking area

The next thing you might need to consider is if the accommodation has a proper walking area for your pets. It is a necessity to walk your dog away from the restaurant and rooms so that other guests don’t feel disturbed. Check if the hotel has a grassy area to walk on. Also, check if they have dog pick-up bags, etc.

Benefits of family and pet-friendly accommodations

Cost effective- pet-friendly accommodation in Rutherglen such as hotels is cost effective. When you leave your pet back home there are several costs involved such as food and more. But if you bring it along you can easily cut down the cost. Most of the BnB charge a nominal fee for your pet each night.

Clean rooms- one of the other reasons for choosing the best pet-friendly inns is because they stress on cleanliness. If you choose a renowned accommodation, you would be amazed how clean the rooms are. In fact, you might never realize they offer a pet-friendly self-contained cottage. The perk of visiting a good hotel is,  you get a high standard of cleanliness.

Tips to look for pet friendly hotels

· Read the hotel’s website to know the rules for staying with your pet.

· Look for pet-friendly rooms, these allow easy entry and entry of the pet.

· For pet-friendly hotels look if they have secured courtyards that allow easy bathroom breaks.


When looking for pet-friendly and family accommodations in Rutherglen, Victoria, ensure you choose the best one. Look for easy outdoor accessibility, easy mobility and more.