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Our 2 Narcissistic Candidates

Our 2 Narcissistic Candidates

Hi Bees !

I am contributing this article while I am suppose to be doing some papers. It was to tempting,  and was not even looking for it ! It just popped up and I thought it was rather humorous. I am not trying to encourage a LinkedIn type battle, as always, just some quick thoughts from our author that may make you smile, or something. Let's keep it classy with any comments, which we are almost always short of. It is so much easier to cover more ground clicking relevant or like, right ? You know it's true. So if you want to get a chuckle, ( it's better than crying over our 2 allstar candidates, and let the best man win !) So here goes......

If you had asked me four years ago to concoct the most dispiriting and debilitating 2016 presidential campaign, I might have said, “Start with a political family; find a scandal-scarred creature of Washington addicted to 20th-century identity politics.”

“Now find a vacuous outsider; somebody who reflects the worst of modern politics and culture. A celebrity would be perfect. Better yet, a reality star who is famous for being famous, a social media whore, a boor, a bully who traffics in old hates via new technologies.”

I might have picked Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. What could be worse for a creaky, cancerous political system than what the Democratic and Republican parties are brewing up? Nothing really. This is as bad as it gets.

“I’ll vote for one or the other then go outside and throw up.”

In contests Tuesday that put Clinton and Trump on the verge of a general-election face-off, voters across the spectrum signaled displeasure with the duopoly’s work. Among GOP voters, 37 percent said they would consider a third-party candidate if faced with a Trump vs. Clinton matchup. Democratic voters found socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont to be more trustworthy than their likely nominee.

More broadly, 53 percent of Americans disapprove of Clinton, according to Gallup, and 63 percent have a negative opinion of Trump. Most voters don’t find either candidate to be particularly honest.

As Michael Barbaro wrote for The New York Times, “Should they clinch the nomination, it would represent the first time in at least a quarter-century that majorities of Americans held negative views of both the Democratic and Republican candidates at the same time.”

Both major parties must now confront the depth of skepticism, resistance and distaste for their front-runners, a sentiment that would profoundly shape a potential general election showdown between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.

They are devising appeals that are as much arguments that their all-but-certain opponent would be disastrous for the nation as they are messages trumpeting their own virtues or character.

Aides to both predict that a Clinton-Trump contest would be an ugly and unrelenting slugfest, as she pounces on his business practices and personal integrity, portraying him as unscrupulous robber baron, and he lacerates her over ethical lapses and sudden riches, painting her as a conniving abuser of power certain to be indicted in a federal investigation.

There is, both sides concede, plenty of material to mine, stretching back to 1980s Arkansas (for her) and 1970s New York (for him).

This is not to suggest equivalence: The candidates are not equally revolting. But for millions of voters, today begins a process driven by their aspersions toward one candidate rather than their aspirations for another—the acceleration of a grim trend that political scientists call it negative partianship.

“Come November,” voter Ed O’Malley tweeted me in response to Barbaro’s story, “I’ll vote for one or the other then go outside and throw up.”

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What about people like him who claim to hate their choices and yet consistently vote Democrat or Republican? Imagine a doctor telling you that because of some gnarly disease, he had to cut off one of your arms. You get to choose which one. While your decision would be easy—“I’m right-handed, Doc. Cut off my left arm”—you wouldn’t be happy with your choices.

My friend Matthew Doud, a former political consultant who now works for ABC News, said Tuesday’s results show just how “corrupt and broken” the political system has become. Even if the most experienced and, arguably, most qualified candidate wins in November, Dowd said via email: “Hillary won’t be able to govern, and the GOP is past its expiration date. Democrats are closing in on theirs.”

A column like this will trigger torrents of manufactured outrage and exaggerations. From the left: How dare you compare Clinton to that bigoted, bullying empty suit of a man? And from the right: ARE YOU NUTS? She’s not qualified! She’d destroy America!

Together, blindly loyal and satisfied partisans represent a fraction of the electorate. Millions of other Americans will suffer through another ugly campaign before making two decisions.

First: Do I even bother to vote?

For those who do cast a ballot, there is the even sadder choice: Which candidate do I loathe the least?

"When you're told for 500 years, ‘your ways are evil’—that damages your self esteem.”

Don't forget to bring the Clorox wipes to the voting booth !

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  • Ron Fournier is the associate publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business and a former senior political columnist at National Journal
  • Contributed by Karen Anne Kramer on beBee 2016

@ Mohamad Azam Khan...Please refrain from commenting on my articles. Restrict your comments to the author who gave you a more "balance of language and grounds for seeking depth. I really do not have any feelings one way or another for our political choice this election time. Are you voting ? Humor is good medicine. Good for your perspective from an author who pleases you. That author is not me, so there is not need to comment in the future. Thank you . Not well said at all. CNN will analyze this.

Mohammad Azam Khan Oct 6, 2016 · #54

This comment has been deleted

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Jared Wiese Oct 5, 2016 · #51

#47 @Karen Anne Kramer ~ CNN Women Leaders 2015, I agree. My comments in that "Trump won the debate" commentary said the same.

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@ Mohammad Azam Khan @Mohammad Azam Kham. I appreciated your three referrals to the Millenial message below. I read the article when it was published. Here is my feeling, as a Mentor of American and foreign Medical Students. The students I mentor are not representative of those described in this article. I work them every day. I would like to respectfully mention, that I would not want to live anywhere in this world or have been born anywhere else except in America. I did not just drop out of my mother's womb after 9 months. I was born into a United States Military family ....graduates of West Point. In my lifetime, I have been fortunate to visit many countries, both as an Army child and and an adult. My ancestors came to America the right way. They had documentation, worked on the railroads, and studied for their citizenship. They respected our flag. They respected the Constitution. I have raised my children to carry on their traditions. My country welcomes people from all over the world. What I do not welcome is a process of immigration that has no vetting process at all. I have worked on the border between Arizona and Mexico. The people who come and kill will, in the future, not be permitted to bring their criminality and families to my country. I have family on the Border Patrol. To hear directly what they have to endure is not the same as the brain washing the media presents. Americans will be protected from the refugees who want nothing more than to kill us. Please understand, I do not speak for all refugees. I speak for the ones who are a direct danger to my country. That is the way it will be. All due respect for those who come here from all countries wanting a better way a life and can assimilate to our culture. They must, or they or they will be returned to their homelands.

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#6 @Paul Walters I hope they have ant acids on Bali !


@ jared weise I have no idea what his article means and found it frivolous. Perhaps someone else who has read it can shine a light on it for you.

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