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Let's get them to be all our little bees ! These kids are tech pros. We are building our hives together, and they will come ! This is an exciting time for beBee. The Y's are something else, trust me. I am a technical moron compared to their knowledge. I mentor them, I have them in my family, I have educated them as a solo parent. Buckle up the boot straps. They are beginning to enter our hives and I could not be more delighted. I learn quite a bit from them and am so glad to have them around our hives. They can learn a great deal from us too ! A win win honey pot !

The Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are often described as a generation of sociable, multi-tasking and confident people. They are team-oriented, have an advanced use of technology and they are one of the four work forces that collide together with their different ideas, values and behaviors.

There have been a number of labels used to describe different generations based on collections of loose generalizations. According to some authors, the Traditionalists were born in the 20s up to the early 40s, and some of their characteristics include a tendency towards conformity, self-sacrifice, patience and loyalty.

The Baby Boomers, born in the mid-40s up to the early 60s are described as idealists, eager to learn, keen on personal growth, and they tend to be over-achievers.

Generation X, born between the mid-60s and mid-80s, are thought to be more informal, independent and very interested in technology. This generation has been criticized for their apathy and lack of sense of responsibility. I have not found that to be true.

The Millennials were born between 1985 and 1995/2000. Some authors are now referring to the rise of Generation Z, a rather unimaginative term for those born after 1995. Considering the different depictions of the Millennials and Generation Z, the line which divides them is blurry at best.

The Millennials have been in the spotlight of a large number of studies focused on management, marketing and work relationships. They are the first generation born in a world in which access to digital technologies and the internet plays a significant role in providing resources and opportunities.

Some authors consider Gen Z as raised in an environment of uncertainty driven by recession and new security measures brought in after 9/11. They are situated in a global world where differences of race, class and gender are shaped and challenged by strong accounts of inclusion and rapid flows of people, information, technologies, and financial resources.

Naturally, these children are the most technologically advanced generation. They are often intuitive users of digital technologies for communication, multimedia and design and their world is intrinsically connected to the use of the Internet through computers and mobile phones.

Some authors refer to Generation Z as “digital natives”, characterized by their heavy use of social media, they have an entrepreneurial  spirit and will take the risks associated with being in business for themselves. One who I know has his own Sneaker Company. He is 17. He shares his success with his team, and is great at multitasking and community oriented spirit. They are used to instantaneous communication, to greater use of messaging than audio conversations and to dependence on technology for their social interactions and contact with the outside world.

The challenges they will face as the latest generation of young people are yet to be mapped out. Some enthusiasts consider this generation to have many positive traits while skeptics think that they are negatively influenced by an overuse of technology. I ignore that. Every generation finds fault with the previous one. None are greater that our generation ! I sure can learn a a lot from these kids, and they love listening to stories. They read my stuff and have fun with it.


Karen Anne Kramer

@Dean Owen and @Lisa Gallagher Thank you both for your feedback. Very thoughtful of you ! KAK


#7 #1 @Dean Owen...Someone as tech savy as you are is way ahead of the game, and I am so glad. I may lean on you for some tech questions, since I think my forte in the tech field ends with typing 120 words and minute ! Bwahahahahaha Thanks Owen. I am so excited about the Y's coming on board.


#7 @Lisa Gallagher I am so excited at the thought of the youth brings their mindset. I have many Y's who want to join. It will spread quickly, since they are so team oriented and our branders. Great news that your daughter will join. Thank you so much. We need to be vigilant as the newbees come on and encourage them. I know you will. They will open up for us.

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Lisa Gallagher 12/10/2016 · #7

We will begin to see younger people join, especially with all the new features that will be rolling out. My daughter told me shes going to join. Im sure many of her friends will follow. It will become a ripple effect. Nice buzz @Karen Anne Kramer ~ CNN Women Leaders 2015

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Javier beBee 12/10/2016 · #6

#4 @Dean Owen, "push to talk" is a greaat thing. Thanks !

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Javier beBee 12/10/2016 · #5

#1 @Dean Owen yes, thanks Instant Messaging is a MUST. CC @Alberto Anaya Arcas @Daniel Paz

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Dean Owen 12/10/2016 · #4

#3 Well Wechat "push to talk" is basically instant messaging with speech. You press and hold the button to record your voice, and then release to send the message. It is HUGE here in China. "Speech to text" would be similar, but when you release the button, your speech is converted to text and sent to the recipient. "Push to talk" is critical to get Gen Y onboard in huge numbers. "Speech to text" not so much in my opinion, but would be cool to have.

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#1 @Dean Owen All such exciting news Dean. Not sure what it is, but I can get a Y in here to help me out ! All these new tools are wonderful. I look forward to having more on beBee. Thanks for the info....KAK

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