L&D Professional Development Events Update: March 2018

The professional development scene for L&D in Australia & New Zealand is hotting up for 2018 with 130 events listed for March and April so far!

L&D Professional Development Events Update: March 2018

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Featured Events

Bringing together two of Australia’s most accomplished L&D professionals, Michelle Ockers and Arun Pradhan, this full day workshop will arm you with practical performance consulting skills to help transform how you work with business stakeholders and deliver greater value for your business.

Topics include how to:

  • Effectively engage, understand and influence business stakeholders
  • Reframe ‘order taker’ conversations to identify underlying issues and needs
  • Use personas to empathise with and understand key audience groups
  • Accurately diagnose performance gaps to create behavioural change
  • Select from a range of impactful strategies to impact business results

Designed for learning leaders and capability consultants wanting to amplify their impact, and learning designers wanting to create more effective solutions.

Choose to attend in any one of five cities across Australia

Extended DISC Certified Practitioner

Do you want to become a certified DISC practitioner? This is the workshop for you.

You will spend a FULL day covering the background of the Extended DISC® model of human behaviour and looking closely at the 4 main behaviour types.

You’ll gain a strong understanding of how people are:

  • motivated;
  • approach tasks and goals;
  • experience stress; and
  • prefer to communicate at work.

This full-day course will also explain how to “read” what is not written in the Extended DISC Report. Learn how to interpret the Extended DISC Profiles and the “diamond”, and identify important ’emotions’ seen in graphs through the 10 special cases.

You will also learn about why Extended DISC® profiling is so commonly applied in the business environment and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself, employees or clients.

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