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7 Craving Busting Tips

  • 7 Craving Busting Tips

    Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

    Usually when we crave things, it’s our bodies way of telling us we may be missing something in our nutrition. There is no substitute for a well rounded nutrition plan. I’m not saying diet, what I do mean is doing your best to eat foods that are close to their natural state. 

    Be sure to include protein, good fats, and complex carbs in every meal to help to ward off cravings. Stay away from sugar, and processed foods. These are things I’m sure you’ve heard before. The more it's a habit, the less cravings occur.

    • Try mixing 1 T of cacao powder with water, and stevia (optional) and take it in a shot glass before breakfast. This works well especially leading up to our hormonal time. :) 
    • Satisfy a sweet tooth naturally using sweeteners like stevia, organic maple syrup , coconut sugar, and organic blackstrap molasses .
    • Drink plenty of water ALL the time. ALL throughout the day. 
    • Discover new recipes that are mock desserts and have them anytime you feel the desire for something sweet. There are plenty of ways to serve up a completely decadent treat that is also a completely balanced snack.
    • Most important craving buster is to avoid all processed foods. Most contain sugar, artificial ingredients, the wrong kind of fats, and the combination of that releases a temporary shot of dopamine. When our levels of dopamine drop, we start to feel bad, and crave more.
    • Avoid chewing gum. Why? Most of it has artificial sweeteners and it also signals to the brain that food should be coming in, which in turn turns up the appetite dial. 
    • Avoid excessive cardio .Too much cardio can lead to excessive hunger, and even sugar cravings. It's the body's desire to restore the glycogen. Try HIIT training instead and add strength training as well.

    Bonus Tip!!  Make a habit of of being