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Beyond The Bullying | Series |Entry #1

Clarity Begins With Silence

Beyond The Bullying | Series |Entry #1

Some of us take longer than others to really "figure ourselves out" 

I've always felt like I've known myself well. I know my strengths, weaknesses, and of course I know my life. I know what I've chosen, and I've always had the intuition that everything, every experience that was rough, and at times when life felt unfair, it was because I was meant to be there.

I believe we can choose happy, no matter what . We can choose to be vulnerable, and share so that we can help others ...Sometimes just by being there for them  and "getting it" without casting judgement. To judge is not our purpose in life. 

There are skills we can get better at, but I believe  we were all born with something that was gifted to us from our Creator. I think we know it at birth, but peers, and influence can cloud our personal beliefs. 

I believe we still use our gift but for some of us, it's incredibly hard to put into words just exactly what we do that is so special. In fact, many people when asked what their "gift " is, the reply is a blank stare. When you ask what they like to do in their spare time, it often will reveal hints of their gift. 

Gifts and purpose are similar, and passion is already there so stop searching for it. Just light your flame by digging deep. Connect with your 5 year old self. She (or he) holds many answers and had absolutely no doubt or limited beliefs. 

I spent some time with my business mentor on this topic, and it ended up giving me a whole lot more than I asked for. I couldn't pin down my purpose.

At a very timely moment a friend shared with me a mini prayer  , " Open the doors  to my purpose wider, and close the ones that are distracting me from my calling"

I began regularly saying these words, and my journey to clarity began. I began to get answers daily, and I felt that if I was really going to find out my gift, I'd have to rewind the recording of my life . No matter how painful it might be.

That's when I discovered what a profound impact being a survivor of childhood bullying had on my life, the decisions I made, and continue to make, the hidden fears, and the negative voices tha