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How to organize a concert?

How to organize a concert?First, before planning a concert first talk with your people about what kinds of the concert they want. First set your target for the concert. Do you people, who can help in this work like organizing, promoting etc and are they experienced and professional about this work. If yes, then it’s plus point for you or if not will be they capable to make this happened.

Let's check some important points before organizing or planning a concert:

Talk to your advisor: When you have an idea then about what types concert you want, then go to your advisor and take some advice because sometimes your idea is not enough to make something happen. Normally, they are experienced and experience is a vital thing when you are arranging any concerts. You need to discuss with them about your budget and outreach. Maybe they will give you some idea, about how you should start your work, and what you need to complete.

Successful event: A great event is this from where people can get some good experience full of fun. Timing is also related to a great event. When you planning your time and schedule, check the calendar that when people will be available to attend your concerts. Because timing can make a big difference in case of people gathering. Select a time that will be perfect for your event. Also, consider how many people you expect at your concerts? What kinds of concerts you wanna arrange? What types of the stage will be there? Check the available time for arranging your concert, before talking with your advisor.

Some problem with student concert:

When to start: Start the work before two or three weeks. If there have limited access and have a big performer, then try to start it even earlier. The main part of the promotion should come in the week of the concerts. Reach everyone by promotion what you wanna tell because students decide just before they happen.

Advertising: For campus concerts, students are known by word of mouth and fliers about the event. Come out with the eliminator pitch of the event. If you have sometimes, with some persons who are not part of your concert, why they should come to this. You can make some basic fliers, an announcement about this.

There have some basic things those you need to do for advertising of a concert:

· Flier

· Handbill

· Facebook page or event

· Greener Commons post

· Campus Calendar event

What to include: Name of your concert, time & location, who will perform, also you can add your group name.

Collaborate with other peoples: Collaborate with other groups. People or community, as if they announce your event to other members.

Cost of events: Normally cost depends on what kinds of concert you will arrange, who will perform, what will be the promoting plan. So, make your plan according to your budget.

Another easy and best way of organizing a concert is talked with the agency who are experienced with this kind of work. Like Main Stage Productions have 25+ years experience in college concert booking. They can help you to booked top comedians, top musicians or EDM  artist. Main stage productions also provide experienced agents to help in organizing programme. They also can help you backstage productions. So, you can contact them for arranging the best concert.