5 Ideas for Meeting Singles in a Big City

5 Ideas for Meeting Singles in a Big City

Finding someone in a big city is difficult, even if all you want is a friend, a casual hookup, or a serious relationship. You may say, but I do not live in a big city? Well, locating new friends or partners in other cities can also be problematic as much as it can be easy. 

You have made that move to a new city, but now feel the loneliness of being far from family and friends. Or you're just so eager to meet new people in your city or a particular someone and do not know where to begin. 

Well, it is not that hard, with the right steps and guidance, and the rise of technology finding someone in your city has been made easier.

So, I'll be highlighting five methods for finding someone or people in your city.

1. Online Dating Sites.

The rise of online dating sites or apps has made locating someone in any city (big or small) more comfortable. You're probably thinking - but I'm looking for new friends, why go to dating sites such as Tinder, OkCupid, etc. that are meant for hookups and dates.

Well, dating sites are not only for hookups. Although, some get your casual dates close to you and some for more serious relationships. There are sites that help you locate people close to being friends.

Meetup.com, Bumble BFF does the trick.

2. Join a Gym.

In almost any city in the world, an easy way to find new people to mingle with is by joining a gym. Amidst exercising and getting in shape, you've got the opportunity to meet different people in the gym.

If you register for one of their exercise programs, then you have a chance of becoming friends with a new exercise buddy.

So, search for the right gym in your city and ready yourself to interact with new people. This can help with local dating.

3. Volunteer For A Good Cause.

A beautiful way to meet someone in your city remains volunteering. There are so many social movements in cities seeking volunteers as well as organizations that would love to have new volunteers.

Find a good cause to volunteer for, be diligent, and you get the chance to mingle with people. Who knows you might just meet that  

4. Go For A Jog.

Jogging is an excellent exercise for your body and mind and is a nice way to meet people in a big city. Imagine jogging past the same person on the road every day, then running into each other at the store. You have a common ground to begin your conversation.

Just jogging past each other every day is enough to someday stop you from jogging past each other to jogging with each other. 

5. Take Your Dog For A Walk.

Having a common interest is a great way to make new friends or meet someone. So, if you're a pet lover, then take your dog for a walk to the park. You just might run into other dog lovers and start a conversation. 


Meeting people in a city can be easy as you've noticed from those dating tips. If you're open to new habits, take the right steps, free and ready to make the first move.

You might have seen someone regularly at the gym. Then, running into him/her at the parking lot, you've got to make the first move to start the conversation. And also move to take it beyond small talk.