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10 Ways to Control Food Cravings Without Going Crazy

10 Ways to Control Food Cravings Without Going CrazyYou decide to change your lifestyle to lose weight and improve overall health. That’s why you opt for healthier foods and feel perfectly happy with the progress. Then, you start craving certain unhealthy foods, and these cravings become even more intense. You’re not alone! All people deal with these frustrating desires that undermine their healthy diet. Should you give up and indulge in that chocolate cake in the fridge? Are you going to give in to temptation and eat late at night? The correct answer would be – no. Believe it or not, you can outsmart food cravings and resist them in many ways. Scroll down to see how.

1. Eat when hungry

One of the most common reasons why people experience cravings is because they don’t eat regularly. This usually happens when people want to lose weight and skip meals hoping to accelerate their weight loss. You’re doing it wrong! In fact, skipping meals can only make you gain weight and starving yourself leads to more intense cravings. What happens next? You give in and eat something unhealthy! The best way to fend off cravings is to eat healthy meal regularly.

2. Don’t follow crazy diet plans

Most diet plans today are too restricting. They promote complete exclusion of some items, even if they’re healthy. But, the body needs a variety of nutrients to stay functional and healthy. The best diet plan is simple – avoid or limit consumption of heavily processed, greasy, and other foods with zero nutritional value. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives. Eating in moderation and establishing a well-balanced dietary pattern is one of the most useful ways to fend off cravings and accomplish long-term results.

3. Avoid triggers

It’s simple; you crave what you eat the most. Therefore, switching what you’re eating, helps to weaken old cravings gradually. For example, if you indulged in unhealthy foods, then you probably crave unhealthy meals as well. Avoid your triggers by establishing healthier habits. If you switch to fresh fruit and stick to it, in a certain period your old cravings will be gone, while the desire to eat fruit will become more pronounced.

4. Drink water

Sometimes when you’re thirsty, your body is convinced you’re hungry, which is why cravings appear. If you feel a sudden urge to eat something shortly after lunch or dinner, drinking a full glass of water is a useful way to outsmart cravings. Plus, staying hydrated is recommended because water improves your overall health and aids in healthy weight loss. If you want to lose weight in a natural manner successfully, lifestyle can help you do that with a broad range of articles on this topic.

5. Eat more protein

Higher consumption of protein will suppress the appetite and keep you from overeating. When feeling full for a longer period, you’re less likely to crave food. For example, the Nutrition Journal published results of the study which showed that eating high-protein breakfast reduced cravings significantly in overweight teenage girls.

6. Don’t keep trigger foods around

So, it’s a late night, and you remember you have a box of chocolates (or some other trigger food) in the kitchen. The cravings won’t leave you alone until you eat that chocolate. To cut down the risk of cravings, don’t keep trigger food around. Don’t buy chocolate, delete the number of pizza place so you can’t call it in the middle of the night, and so on. When you realize the food you want isn’t in the arm’s reach, the cravings will go away.

7. Distract yourself

The journal Appetite published results of the study which showed that playing Tetris reduced food cravings in participants. Why? It’s because they were distracted. You don’t have to play Tetris, just find some other distraction that will divert the focus from food cravings onto something else e.g. read a book, write, watch TV, clean your house, do crosswords or puzzles.

8. Plan your meals

Planning meals for the upcoming day or the entire week eliminate the factor of uncertainty and spontaneity. When you already know what you’re going to eat, it’s highly unlikely to develop cravings, particularly if you plan meals for a longer period.

9. Get enough sleep

The appetite is strongly associated with hormones running through your body. However, sleep deprivation disrupts the balance of hormones and leads to poor appetite regulation and intense cravings. Establish a healthy sleep pattern and you’ll see that cravings are becoming less frequent.

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10 Ways to Control Food Cravings Without Going Crazy

10. Brush the teeth

It’s easy; brush the teeth after meals (particularly after dinner) to outsmart cravings. How does this work? Your mind is aware of the fact that food tastes horrible after brushing teeth, and you’ll see more likely to banish cravings. Taking mints does the same.


If you want to lose or manage weight, food cravings pose a huge threat. Temptation can be very strong, and most people give in. To avoid that, follow easy tips from this article. Also, for efficient and successful weight loss in a natural manner, don’t be afraid to try supplements such as bmiSMART which promote a mindful way to a healthy weight. Remember, curbing cravings is all about introducing healthy lifestyle habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones.

Praveen Raj Gullepalli 18/10/2016 · #1

Great tips Kathy! Point 10 is hilarious but i guess effective too ;) I roger that! Folks gotta copy that and paste (literally)! How about cravings for odd foods? Is there some hidden logic to that? Outta the blue, if I feel like eating blueberries, does it mean that my body is signalling a deficiency problem and even pointing out the solution-food? I get these kinda cravings for raw onion and garlic (now don't go yuck!) at times or mango pickle! I have heard stuff about undernourished infants eating mud...expectant Mothers craving for the salty-sweet, lemony stuff, convalescents craving spicy cooked meat and fries and so on. So what's the secret? :)