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Fingers, Sponges or Brushes – What’s The Best Way To Apply Foundation?

Fingers, Sponges or Brushes – What’s The Best Way To Apply Foundation?While makeup is fun, those wanting to perfect their look can get frustrated with the contradicting info regarding correct makeup application. This is especially true for liquid foundation as the debate whether to use brushes, sponges or fingers to apply foundation seems to be never ending. But on closer inspection, it seems that, as far as the right tools for the foundation are concerned, it all comes down to personal preference. However, there is a right and wrong way to apply foundation which we will explain in detail in the following lines, so keep reading.

First thing’s first – prep your canvas

Although the way you apply your foundation is a personal preference, you should star with a well moisturized and primed face said makeup artist Genevieve Herr for Style Caster. According to Caster, whether you use a sponge, brushes or your fingers doesn’t matter because the end results are quite similar. The important thing is to blend well and not use too much foundation to avoid an uneven or cakey finish. Using a quality moisturizer and primer will help your foundation go on smoothly and minimize the appearance of pores.

Beauty blender for hard to reach places

Beauty Blenders and foundation sponges are now made from antibacterial materials that can last for months when cared for properly. However, you need to wash them regularly, and it takes ages for them to dry out. On the other hand, these tools are great for applying foundation under your eyes, behind your nose and along your hairline. Sponges and beauty blenders also help create a sheer finish that may be hard to achieve with either brushes or fingertips. You can also hide bags under eyes with a beauty blender more easily than you could with a brush.

Fingers for better blending

Although it may be hard to believe, sometimes professional makeup artists use their fingers to apply makeup to runway model’s faces. Diane Kendal, a professional makeup artist, said for Elle that she uses her fingers to achieve raw and fresh beauty instead of the super-defined look you get with brushes. If you want to apply foundation with your fingers, make sure to use a small amount of foundation and dab it gently into your skin rather than swiping it across your face as this could create streaks. However, some say that applying foundation with fingers may not work so well with oily skin.

Use different tools for different application stages

Laramie who is a professional makeup artist and founder of Book Your Look gave some professional makeup tips for Marie Claire. She recommends applying foundation with the help of a foundation brush after prepping your face. After that, you should use a damp beauty blender to blend the foundation with a rolling motion and press it into your skin. After that, apply concealer using your fingertips to hide blemishes and discoloration. The warmth of your fingers will help the concealer blend in, and you also have more control over how much product goes on to your skin.

Brushes for more control

Billy B. who is one of the most sought-after celebrity makeup artists out there prefers using a brush with his clients. According to Billy B., brushes make foundation application easier because they give you more control over the amount of foundation you are applying and the way it sets on your face. Brushes are also more hygienic and don’t waste as much product as the highly absorbent sponges. Billy B. also explains that brushes enable you to apply layers of foundation more evenly which he believes is simply not possible with a sponge.


Although makeup artists and beauty gurus all have different opinions regarding the “right” tools for liquid foundation, you need to remember that it all comes down to personal preferences and what you are trying to achieve. Brushes, sponges, and fingers all have their pro’s and con’s that you need to weigh out before deciding which technique works best for you. It also depends on what you are trying to conceal, i.e. acne, scars, hyperpigmentation or even neck and chest wrinkles. We recommend you try different tools and see what results you get with each one.

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Fingers, Sponges or Brushes – What’s The Best Way To Apply Foundation?




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