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Tips To Sell A Damaged Car:

  • You want to sell your car, but it turns out that it has a major breakdown and you fear that this will directly influence the sale. Dealing with private or private clients will only waste your time and money since you will have to lower the price of your car due to the breakdown.

  • 1. First step: how to sell a damaged car successfully:

    All those users who, for different reasons, choose to sell a car with a breakdown, do so knowing that they face more problems than the simple fact of selling a vehicle. This affects all damaged vehicles for sale, it is the same for saloons, damaged SUVs, pickups, sports cars, etc. Although it is true that, depending on the value and make of the car, you can get more for the parts.

    On the other hand, there are easy and inexpensive breakdowns to repair, which will not require a large investment and which will guarantee an easier and more profitable sale of the vehicle. But what to do with a damaged car that cannot be repaired?

    The options are scarce: scrap yards, workshops and some dealerships may be interested in the vehicle, but the disadvantages will be the investment of time, the negotiation, and that the money you can get will be scarce.

    2. How to sell a damaged car: what to do and what not to do:

    Above all, being aware of the disadvantages that selling a damaged car will bring you will allow you to play your cards in a way that you get the best.

    A good option could be to try to repair the vehicle, especially if it is flaws or damages covered by the vehicle's insurance or that do not make much difference. The repair shops will be able to give you an estimate on the price of a repair in general, which may be convenient in some cases.

    6 common breakdowns you should consider fixing:

    It is important to be smart when investing in repairs. There are several types of breakdowns that are common in many vehicles of a certain age and that you may pay to do before putting your car for sale:

    • Airbags: If the airbag warning light comes on permanently, it means that there may be a fault in one of them, depending on whether you have to change any other part.
    • Stabilizer bar: It is a metal bar that is part of the suspension and that joins the wheels of the same axle. Deterioration can cause the fracture of some of the bearings, worsening the behavior of the car.
    • Suspension arms: They give shape to the suspension skeleton and provide support to the wheels. A breakage can cause a wheel to come off or lose your steering.
    • Saturated catalyst: Too much exhaust gas can accumulate in it and be impossible to remove. When this happens, the engine fault warning light comes on
    • Brake discs: It is common for them to wear out every 90,000 km.
    • Particulate filter: it is an element in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles that retains the particles generated by combustion. It can become saturated with particles and cause the engine to fail.

    As you can see, some of these damages are not too serious or expensive and are better suited to sporadic maintenance of the vehicle.Tips To Sell A Damaged Car:

    3. Tips for selling a car that doesn't work:

    Selling a damaged car requires some skill to highlight all the positive aspects of the vehicle while minimizing the negative ones.

    This is a general slogan when selling any type of car, but it is especially important in the case of damaged cars for sale because significant damage is a negative point on which any buyer will focus.

    How many times have you seen ads simply saying "I am selling a damaged car" accompanied by an unflattering photograph? At first glance, it is not the best strategy and the sale will be more effective if you decorate it with a good presentation and are a retailer.

    So, once you have cleaned it thoroughly, we must highlight the advantages of the car, such as its good condition, the extras it may have if it has had a single driver (something well valued) or the number of kilometers it has driven. Afterward, it will be necessary to explain what the breakdown consists of and, if a good way of exposing it is found, the reason why we want to sell the car rather than repair it.

    It is imperative to say that the car is damaged in the title of the ad to avoid contacts with people who are not really interested.

    If speed is your priority, an easy but not very profitable way out would be to sell the broken car to a scrapyard. These establishments buy damaged cars constantly but at quite cheap prices.

    4. Where to sell a damaged car?

    You do not need to travel half the world to find the perfect way and place to sell a car that is in poor condition, since today it is relatively simple thanks to car removal companies dedicated to this type of business.

    The basis of these car removal companies is to ensure a quick, comfortable and advantageous sale, which saves you unnecessary paperwork, dealing with hundreds of interested parties, and having to lose time and money along the way.