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Increase your Close Ratio with these Sales Techniques

Increase your Close Ratio with these Sales Techniques

Closing a sale is a result of building good relationship with your prospect and nurturing them. Any experienced sales reps can prove that fact. In the sales process, our goal is to know if there’s an opportunity and get the commitment of the prospect.

When qualifying a lead, forget about having a manipulative closing technique. Telemarketing works best if your goal is to seek for a long-term relationships with your prospects and ongoing growth opportunity instead of just closing a sale.

Here are some techniques on how to increase your close ratio to improve your sales.

Plan for a close on every call.

Every sale requires interaction and commitment from the customer. Understand what the prospect’s situation is like in the sales cycle, whether they would like to commit now or will keep your information available whenever the need arise. It may help you get a clear idea for your next step and plan how you can possibly close a sale. Learn more about the The Do’s and Don’ts of Telesales.

Earn the right to close a sale.

What you do and how you close a sale plays a greater impact in closing a deal. Earning the right to ask for a commitment starts at the very first meeting. Sales reps must learn to sound more natural over the phone. Demonstrate a positive attitude, focus on your customer’s success by discovering their needs and wants then offering a solution. 

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