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Telemarketing for Financial Leads: Don’t Sound too Technical

Telemarketing for Financial Leads: Don’t Sound too Technical

Language is no doubt central to the highly lucrative financial services sector. As buyers demand for better solutions in tasks such as payroll management and business accounting, there is an increasing need for sellers to initiate effective purchase-inducing conversations over the phone.

But too often have financial solutions providers fail to meet their sales goals. Their mistake: being too technical.

No doubt it is a good idea to show off how much you know about financial software solutions, but using too much specialized language in your B2B lead generation telemarketing only seeks to complicate the buying cycle. Instead of making it easier for them to explore your product as a viable solution to an urgent need, you give them a pile of industry drivel they have to scoop up to unearth your message.

Have you tried digging the ground for buried treasure? In any case, it wouldn’t be a pleasant endeavor in the same manner as having managers to uncover what you are trying to say.

On the other hand, you can always employ these B2B telemarketing tips from Simply Direct’s Lisa Vitale to save your brand (and your buyers) the trouble.

Simplicity of words – Esoteric does not win the day. Text that is complicated with specialized industry knowledge and industry lingo, only serves to make your audience work harder to understand you. Avoid industry jargon and acronyms, except to define and demystify common industry terms. Rather, speak plainly and do your utmost to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Simplicity of message – Communicate in digestible bits by breaking down the information to focus on one idea at a time. Begin simply with a central idea and only include information which directly supports that one idea.

Provide a logical, clear flow of information – Build understanding progressively in a logical manner. Don’t bog down your audience with decision points, but rather provide a clear, intuitive information path for them to follow.

Be concise – Brevity is inherently more consumable because it’s both more easily processed, as well as more accessible to busy people.

Entice visually – Text-heavy content can be off-putting as processing it requires a more focused effort. Rather, provide a clean design with high-contrast text. Leverage powerful headlines, meaningful subheadings, and concise text to promote ‘scannability’. Parse the information in reader-friendly manner. Use visuals to convey concepts and ideas more effectively and efficiently, while simultaneously making them more memorable.

Use different mediaProvide for different learning styles and preferences by creating educational content in different formats.