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The BEST Answers for Frequently Asked Questions in Marketing Automation

The BEST Answers for Frequently Asked Questions in Marketing Automation

“Why do grown-ups sometimes cry when they’re happy?” – a kiddo’s question that made me smile, and go blank for awhile…

Those little querists often shoot questions that make adults wonder and grope for answers. Although you can probably fabricate a reply but that might just get you into bigger trouble – more mind-boggling whys and hows.

Unlike little children’s puzzling queries, FAQs about Marketing Automation are a lot easier to answer especially when you have an expert to deal with it.

Below, Callbox answers some questions about marketing automation with reference to its Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

Q: How will you help us grow our database?

Through data cleansing and verification, deduplication, and database management, Callbox’s customer profiling services, we will help your database grow by keeping it complete, accurate, and reliable. These are processes that save marketing communications from going to waste and improve data acquisition.

Q:How easy is it to measure the effectiveness of your marketing – and quickly act on it?

More than just implementing marketing automation, setting up metrics for your campaign is important. With regards this, marketing automation tools like the Callbox’s Lead Nurture Tool comes with a reporting feature that allows you to check the following success metrics:

Sent – number of emails sent out

Delivered – number of emails received by prospects

Opens – number of emails opened by prospects

Clicks – number of prospects who have clicked a form contained in the email

Visits – number of prospects who visited the website

Converted – the number of Leads converted from the positive actions

By checking the activity log or monitoring the results of email marketing effort with a full report on email metrics. Unsatisfactory results suggest revision on either the scheme or email content.

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Q: When you have issues, how easy is it for anyone on your team to get support?