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The Many Ways of Selling your ERP Software Products

The Many Ways of Selling your ERP Software Products

Some exciting and explosive flicks are lined up for 2017: fantasy action “Wonder Woman”, adventure “Kong: Skull Island”,  animation “The Boss Baby” and thriller “Annabelle 2”. Each flick was creatively filmed to bear unique plot and relatable story but as to who would take home the prestigious Oscar or bag the biggest ticket gross for 2017, is yet to be known.

ERP software companies, like film production companies, radically brainstorm for an ample period to come up with the most tactical marketing strategies that would boost sales and maximize marketing efforts. However, as to which one is most effective and deliver ROI to the business depends on how the whole process of a single strategy was holistically carried out.

So here’s a ticket to a list of award-winning marketing strategies to sell an ERP software:

                                                           Inbound Marketing

Customers visit your website or come to your store when they are looking out for solutions. So you have to make sure that you have a very strong online presence that shows cogent content about your ERP solution in order to achieve higher chances of converting prospects into leads. But don’t just stop at counting website visits, queries and following up on prospects. Spare ample time and effort on nurturing customers like how Foradian technologies does:

  • Giving the basic product as free & open source
  • Interviewing happy customers and publishing in blogs
  • Applying to various award competitions, winning the awards increase credibility & conversion
  • Free demo with full documentation
  • Celebrating success in social media