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The Perfect Sales Process to Surefire Business Success

Sales is a critical part of the success and growth of every business. However, not all sales reps are born “sales superstar”. It takes training, dedication and hard work.

It is more about the process than luck. Which means, the more your reach out to prospects, the more you are likely to close a sale. There are different ways to market your brand. Each product has its own features and benefits and every prospect has their own needs.

Here’s an infographic to guide you and increase your chances of sales success. 

The Perfect Sales Process to Surefire Business Success

Infographic Transcript:


Identifying your potential customers. It is an essential part of the job of a salesperson as this will help increase your sale.

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The “Discovery” stage is all about your prospect! This is the part where you get to know the prospect’s current setup to learn about their issues and challenges. At the same time, be able to identify their needs for your product or service.

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Proposal is where you inform the prospect about your product and services, its features and benefits. In order to do this more effectively, go back to the “Discovery” stage. Understand your prospect’s needs and wants and identify how your product or service can help and benefit them.

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The negotiation part plays an important role in the sales process as the negotiator tries to customize a package based on the needs of the prospect and influence his decision to purchase. 

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The easiest or the most difficult stage in the sales process depending on how well you did during the earlier stages. In this stage, you get the commitment of your prospect, set up an appointment and discuss about the pricing and eventually close the deal. 

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