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Ways to Improve The Quality of Your Leads

Ways to Improve The Quality of Your Leads

I agree it’s easy to achieve high definition quality pictures now with just a mere cell phone camera, but would any cell phone camera give you the best HD, perfect selfie pic?

Innovative marketing tools and tactics can let you swiftly acquire leads but may be of low quality and less assuring to roll over to conversion. If you have not been hitting your targets yet, then hold for a moment and adjust some methods to improve the quality of your leads.

Profile Your Data List

Your database must contain tip-top demographic data. This means that each entry or name has complete, valid and accurate information: name of the contact, business name, address, phone numbers, email address and social media accounts, as well all other business specifications like industry category, location, target market, target location, and size. Using a complete and accurate data list will greatly contribute to achieving smart calling to your lead generation program.

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Smart Calling

You must be able to reach or call your target decision maker at his most convenient time. However, having the best number to reach your prospect in your data list is not enough to guarantee you the perfect timing to catch a chat but may require psychographic research of how he does business and his purchase habits. Reaching your prospect real time at his most convenient time will spice up lead nurturing efforts.

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Nurture Leads

Your first call would be the most remarkable conversation especially with prospects that have high interest, so make it nurture-worthy. Hubspot has some amazing lead nurturing tactics which you may provide to your prospects:

  • targeted contents
  • personalized email
  • and timely follow-ups

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Attune Lead Scoring System

When creating a scoring criteria, consider the rapidly changing demographic and psychographic elements of your prospecting scheme. Update and validate your scoring system based on your prospect’s industry engagements and buying behavior.

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Callbox utilizes multi-channel lead generation from the top of the sales funnel down to the bottom, maximizing resources like mobile, email, voice, social, chat, and website. This will help through the period of nurturing to keep track of your customers and give you control over the buying process.

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Practice Consistent Lead Measurement

Marketo wants you to consider the following factors:

  • how many leads will be generated in a given period
  • how those leads move through various stages of lead nurturing and qualification before they are sales ready
  • how quickly different types of leads move through the system
  • which marketing programs will generate new leads and at what conversion rates.

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Leads acquisition has become so easy with the use of innovative processes but marketers must remain fastidious in choosing and utilizing the most effective sales and marketing tools in order to extract only the most qualified leads that can smoothly slide down to the bottom of the sales funnel. Just as using the best camera phone to take a selfie without the hassle of using filter apps.

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