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Which consulting leads are not worth your time?

Which consulting leads are not worth your time?

I start my day with a cup of coffee while looking at a list of potential customers. I usually start from the top down to the last prospect. But today, I’ve decided to make use of my time and effort wisely.

It got me thinking, “Which lead should I prioritize first? Who’s the best prospect for today? Who has a better opportunity than others?”

We all know that having a good quality lead is important for the success of every business. But if you’re in a consulting industry, how can you tell if that prospect is considered a good lead?  

What is a qualified lead?

The definition of a qualified lead varies depending on your type of business. But of course, when you say qualified lead, it is someone who expressed interest and agreed to buy your product or use your service. In order to identify which leads are worth your time and which one aren’t. Let’s identify the factors that make a lead qualified for your consulting business.

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A potential prospect is someone who:

  • Has the authority to decide within the organization to take advantage of your service.
  • Has an immediate need and expressed interest in your service.
  • Has a timeline when to use your service.
  • Has a need and requests for a quote
  • Has a defined budget.
  • Someone who can see the value of your service in their organization.