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Why it’s a Good Time to Market Mobile Security Solutions in Singapore

Why it’s a Good Time to Market Mobile Security Solutions in Singapore

Nothing but optimistic numbers for the mobile tech market.

A comScore report noted a sharp rise in mobile usage, which is expected to surpass desktop and laptop usage by the end of 2015. The Global Web Index, meanwhile, reported recently that smartphones have become increasingly prevalent. It found out that around 80% of internet users rely on mobile devices for various activities such as research, information-sharing and financial transactions.

But along with this perceived increase in mobile usage come more pressing threats to data security that would greatly offset the optimistic tides. Malicious software prevalence is also on the rise, causing massive losses to individuals and business owners.

According to a report by Entrust, cyberattacks have cost mobile users $10 million in financial losses. The report, which quoted the 12th Annual Global State of Information Security Survey, also showed a significant increase in cyberattacks in 2014.

At this point, many are looking to the software development market for effective solutions to counter spyware, data phishing, and identity theft.

The climate for increased mobile data security is something that Singaporean IT and software entrepreneurs must leverage. Being a new niche in the island-nation, cybersecurity is no doubt experiencing steady growth, mostly due to a growing awareness and demand for more advanced data protection systems among various sectors, notably government, healthcare, finance and education.

Quoted by a Channel News Asia article, Jason Lim of International Enterprise Singapore said, “More people are a lot more connected because they are on mobile, and more and more transactions are being done using the mobile devices, and therefore, the security element becomes an element where service can be provided.”

Companies like Treebox Solutions and V-Key are well on their way to addressing emergent needs in the fast-growing mobile security sector. For companies that are about to embark on developing their own brand of security solutions, a few things to consider about marketing their products:

  • Value is king – Remember that software buyers want solutions that are worth their every dollar. In this sense, focus your messaging on the potential benefits the products can achieve.
  • Offer beta testing – This is a good way for you to determine your security product’s acceptability in the market. Offering people a free beta test and allowing them to give their feedback allows for developing a better version of the product based on the preferences of the market.
  • Use analytics – After you have set a content campaign, make use of analytics tools to develop certain areas and maximize your brand message’s reach.

Companies can also tap a lead generation firm that specializes in generating leads and setting up appointments with interested buyers for security solutions. It may entail a significant investment, but providing for the needs of different institutions makes it all worth it.

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