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Happy Birthday celebration with funny wishes

Hello everyone, hope you all doing well. First of all I just wanna say sorry, its my first article here, hope you like it. What I saw around me that everyone wanna celebrates the birthday with love and fun. Most of us wanna share the funny birthday wishes, images and memes on Whatsapp. For some of us birthday is kind of long awaited day and when it arrived, first thing we do is start planning for the day. The day could be the birthday of your friend, relative, son or parents.

A birthday is incomplete if we do not get some fun and laugh. So to help you out I am gonna share some of really funny wishes and messages that you can use to share on whatsapp group.

Happy Birthday celebration with funny wishes

On the Internet, there are plenty of wishes or jokes too trivial, lacking in originality and meaning. Precisely for this reason, I decided to share with you many happy birthday funny wishes to be dedicated to the dearest people, on the Facebook wall, on a note or in a voice, to make their day happier! Get ready to make your friends smile with these fantastic happy birthday wishes.

Funny Messages and Wishes for Birthday

      • To celebrate your birthday I would have thought of a cruise in the Caribbean. Would you mind watering plants during my absence? Happy birthday!
      • For your birthday I wanted to give you something fascinating and fun, but then I remembered that you already have me in your life. Best wishes!
      • Listen, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you have to learn to control the habit of celebrating birthdays. It is scientifically proven that too many birthdays kill. So, take a break.
      • There is a very intelligent, rich, beautiful and famous person who was born today. Too bad it’s not you. Happy Birthday to you too!
      • Blow all the candles on your cake, now that you can still count them. Happy Birthday!
      • So many candles on a cake that’s too small … but do not worry, I called the reinforcements … the firemen are out waiting only for a gesture! Happy birthday!
      • Do you think you’re special because today is your birthday? This is a total absurdity … you are special every day! Happy Birthday!
      • Birthdays are good for your health! Scientific studies have shown that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer … Best wishes!
      • Can you blow off all the candles or should I call the firemen? Happy birthday!
      • I would like to wish you all of your dreams come true, but I fear that if they come true, I would have nothing else to wish you next year.
      • Just imagine the things you’d like to hear for your birthday and pretend i told you. Happy birthday!
      • If you’re going to celebrate your birthday doing unspeakable things you may regret the next morning, call me! Happy birthday!
      • It’s normal to become quieter with age … it’s not easy to talk while holding your stomach! Best wishes!
      • The best way to stay young … is lying about age. Happy Birthday!
      • Do not take it… At least you’re not as old as you’ll be next year! Happy Birthday!
      • I thought I would give you a nice fan, you know how old you are, it becomes a bit difficult to blow off all those candles. Happy Birthday!
      • For your birthday I would like all your dreams to come true … especially those tall, blond and muscular! Happy birthday!
      • At this point in your life, you should think of a new beginning. It’s time to start and lie when your age asks you. Happy birthday!
      • It seems that wisdom comes with age … See? You still do not have the signs of old age! Happy birthday!
      • Congratulations! You are one more year near to death! Happy Birthday!
      • I looked for famous quotations, I thought of phrases to effect, I even tried to compose some verses, but I did not find anything suitable for your umpteenth birthday: be happy with the wishes. Happy birthday!
      • I wanted to give you a gift as big as the number of years that you accomplish but then I would have revealed to everyone your true age so, for now, be happy with a warm affectionate happy birthday!
      • You should be proud of your age: this year you are wiser, smarter and closer to senior discounts in museums. Happy birthday!
      • I will not give you my best wishes for not remembering that you are now old, bald and full of wrinkles … but I will give you a very strong hug so as not to make you forget the special person you are! Happy birthday!
      • Do you remember when we had that fire inside? We still have it. Only now we call it gastritis. Happy birthday!
      • Time is just a convention invented by men to make women angry. Happy birthday!
      • Do you know what your problem is? The more you grow older and the more you make me crazy! Now that I think about it, it’s my problem too! Happy birthday!
      • Happy birthday! You have a wonderful life, an excellent appearance and an iron health. How could a simple gift compete with all this?
      • Although I will not be present at your party, let nobody dare touch my slice of cake. Happy birthday!
      • To toast to your health I ruined my … Happy birthday!
      • Instead of buying a birthday present, this year I decided to make a donation for the needy … and I really need to redo the wardrobe! Happy birthday!
      • It’s nice to celebrate with a wise person like you, too mature and give deep importance to such superficial and material things … like gifts! Happy birthday!
      • The pension is approaching! Happy birthday!
      • Tonight you’ll be able to dance all night … Oh yes it’s true, you’re older, good so you’ll be able to watch others dance all night … Oh yes it’s true you still [ age], so just try to stay awake, it will be good! Happy Birthday !