Will you hire me?

Will you hire me?

Dear Reader,

Will you hire me? apart from the regular resume Mumbo Jumbo let me tell you what's my daily routine and what have I been doing. For beginners I am a fan of IBM Watson, Tesla and Google; three companies manufacturing dreams. I can't seem to get enough of these but don't know anyone working there to get daily dosages of the happenings in these companies.

I read everything that comes across on major technology sites, LinkedIn has been a great companion so is Quora. I have my best friend enrolled at a top Business School and I am trying to catch up on all his readings as well.

For privacy reasons I cannot disclose the names of the companies or countries in this article.

So this is what I have been doing this year after losing my position as the MD of a mid sized firm last year.

1. I am Adviser to a Chairman of a logistic company in Dubai. This company's core business is Mobile Phone and Electronic freight services. As this business is on the decline I had come in to revamp the sales team. At this stage I am:

  • Hiring sales people in the UAE and the US. Used mobile business is on the increase and I have planned a focused business on these products as well as gaming consoles.
  • Creating an alliance with a leading Distributor of an A category brand. If things go as planned then the warehouses would be filled to the brink very soon.
  • Redesigning the company website from scratch offering new services and a pro active response system. The last site was updated around 3 years ago.
  • Opening one of the key regional market. Hiring the whole team from scratch and defining alliances and partnerships with major dealers in this country. Business plan and identification of key staff is complete and we are ready to roll.
  • Establishing a Used Device grading service in one of the existing warehouses. A one of a kind service being offered in Dubai with certified technical staff. Repair facilities up to level 3 would be available and suppliers of used mobiles can relax as their mobiles won't be returned for bad quality anymore.
  • A new business vertical in the company is in the making with market and people identified with kick off dates ready.

2. Adviser to an IT Firm in Country A. IT hardware trading is on a decline and traders have been losing money on a grand scale. The problem is that these traders aren't aware that the Industrial shift in technology has already taken place. Either they aren't aware or they are in a denial. Forget depleting margins, its RED all the way in mobile and IT trading. So I've told him to revamp his business and take some drastic steps.

  • Introduced him to the wonderful world of gaming business, console and mobile both including the gaming Universe with online tournaments etc. Got him to start a new division in coordination with an associate in country A.
  • Second, got him to start a mobile division and introduced a new mobile brand. The country is huge with ample space for a new entrant that is ready to invest in the market.
  • Carving out their Service Department and partnering an International brand to offer multi vendor services in the country.

3. Taking a regional mobile Brand in a new country. As an adviser to this mobile brand I am currently introducing it to a new country again with a coordination of an associate. Work involves all legalities, getting the local branch established, finding a new distributor, translation of the user guides, marketing campaigns and launch.

4. Regional Marketing of an International consumer services company recently established in Dubai. I helped this company acquire a SIM Kitting facility and now it's time for them to move in the Middle East.

5. Working with 2 different companies as a consultant to help them acquire distribution rights of major mobile brands.

6. Working with a group of friends to see the possibility of establishing a management consulting firm that would work as a platform for regional companies, still in the making.

I am dealing with 6 different nationalities and working with people in 4 countries in different time zones.

So this is how I am juggling the various tasks and my biggest challenges are:

  • Lack of decision making from the CEO's / Owners of the companies. These guys aren’t ready to accept that the world has moved on from the classical trading business.
  • They agree to my recommendations one day and the next day they act as nothing was discussed and want to go back to the old ways of doing things.
  • I have to keep telling myself to slow down and calm down every minute.
  • You get the platform ready and new businesses are ready to roll and suddenly you find out that the teams aren’t ready to embrace the change. You have to sit and wait and hope for better days.
  • Suddenly you have to explain yourself why things aren’t moving fast enough to the CEO's and when confronted with a lack of decision making on their part they tend to drift away.
  • No one wants to believe that times have changed, you are looked upon as a stranger. The transition from hardware to software has already happened, hardware is just a vehicle now.

I am seriously juggling all these simultaneously and still looking for more, the human mind is a strange thing. You can limit it as much as you would like and stretch it to infinity as well. I am sure that at execution this stretch might reach to a breaking point but then I am trying to experience the limits of human endurance.

But doing all this has taught me a golden lesson that I would like to put forth; there is life beyond job and I seriously am not looking for one. I haven't perfected the pros and cons of consulting business but with 20 years of regional experience I did not know that doing what I am currently doing was possible.

So to get back from where I had started! I am available to talk to you and guide your organization to the challenges of things to come. WILL YOU HIRE ME?

Kazi Najib Ashraf 7/11/2016 · #2

Appreciate your comments #1

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 7/11/2016 · #1

This is a very smart move, @Kazi Najib Ashraf. I was just about to say something on another site about the potential of beBee as a place to tell a story about oneself as a way to attract companies to you, rather than sitting around with crossed fingers waiting for a company to put out a job requisition. It might take awhile for the industry to wise up, meanwhile, innovative companies will be looking for posts just like this one, where they can get to know a person in a more complete way than the old keywords on resume format.

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