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Will you hire me?

Will you hire me?

Dear Reader,

Will you hire me? apart from the regular resume Mumbo Jumbo let me tell you what's my daily routine and what have I been doing. For beginners I am a fan of IBM Watson, Tesla and Google; three companies manufacturing dreams. I can't seem to get enough of these but don't know anyone working there to get daily dosages of the happenings in these companies.

I read everything that comes across on major technology sites, LinkedIn has been a great companion so is Quora. I have my best friend enrolled at a top Business School and I am trying to catch up on all his readings as well.

For privacy reasons I cannot disclose the names of the companies or countries in this article.

So this is what I have been doing this year after losing my position as the MD of a mid sized firm last year.

1. I am Adviser to a Chairman of a logistic company in Dubai. This company's core business is Mobile Phone and Electronic freight services. As this business is on the decline I had come in to revamp the sales team. At this stage I am:

  • Hiring sales people in the UAE and the US. Used mobile business is on the increase and I have planned a focused business on these products as well as gaming consoles.
  • Creating a