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I Have FAILED Miserably

I Have FAILED MiserablyI have FAILED and Failed Miserably!! I've written about #Hydrogen and specifically, about the company that can, and will, CHANGE the WORLD with this new #BlueBox above engine, that runs on Hydrogen, and a #HydrogenHybrid electric vehicle with a small hydrogen engine!

Why have I tried to change the world???  Selfish reasons and the naive belief that this business model can and WILL change the world over time!!

If I were truly making a difference, my $PLUG wouldn't be sitting here at $1.50 floundering!!!  So, I've FAILED and I apologize for wasting your time!!! See ya Monday on Earnings Day!!

Dean Owen Nov 9, 2016 · #12

It's gonna get ugly....

Keith Bare Nov 3, 2016 · #11

#9 3.5 million safe refuelings of $PLUG equipment and 131 million safe operating hours

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Keith Bare Nov 3, 2016 · #10

#9 a 2% early morning rise gives me hope that 29 million SHORT may have figured those SHORT are looking down the loaded barrel of a LONG GUN!!!

Paul Frank Gilbert Nov 3, 2016 · #9

So many challenges and so many perceptions. The promise of hydrogen powered things IS sexy. Someone needs to help people understand that we have overcome some of the challenges (storage, safety, distribution/production) That takes lobbying and grassroots support. That takes time/meetings/planning which means someone has to stop making and selling things ... and find time to get the word out. I have recently seen trucks and car mockups from major car manufacturers built around the platform and but real challenges abound ... more real world results and proof need to be communicated ... have to get over the hump of "why do I care"

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Keith Bare Nov 3, 2016 · #8

#5 @Paul Walters @Paul Frank Gilbert. Luckily I have secret weapon on my side, #Amazon and #Fedex gonna make noise in Hydrogen world next few weeks, but I agree with you, I need something SEXIER than a new #BlueBox cause CARS are sexy, i.e. Tesla , a new energy great idea DEFINETLY not sexy!! I'm trying to brainstorm an idea that resonates with Skiers , like HydrogenSOS #SaveOurSnow #SaveOurSkiing

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Keith Bare Nov 3, 2016 · #7

#1 @Dean Owen can ya call this election?? $PLUG swan dived last 3 mins closed $1.48

Keith Bare Nov 3, 2016 · #6

#1 well, you called it right day two, seems elections have all energy in the toilet

Paul Frank Gilbert Nov 2, 2016 · #5

#3 But they are "sexier" than a box :) I think you understand what I am saying. We would all like to believe that simple value is enough ... and sometimes it is, but if you are struggling with marketing a great idea (that is making money off of it) you have to reassess your audience and give them what they want ... or wait for them to figure it out.

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