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$PLUG Hydrogen UP 24% in Five Days

$PLUG Hydrogen UP 24% in Five DaysThis #HydrogenBee is UP another 5% today as 30 million SHORTS to $PLUG are wondering WHAT that #Crazy #Bebee guy knows that they don't???

It's Word!!! #China

When CHINA is announced with $PLUG , my entire world changes in a second!!! China is gonna be the #MotherLode in orders for $PLUG as Hydrogen #RangeExtenders are clean, green mobility!! Think Fedex Delivery trucks all over China using Hydrogen $PLUG Engines!!!

$PLUG Hydrogen UP 24% in Five DaysThis #BlueBox is the worlds gateway to clean Delivery trucks with zero emissions!!  Fedex, Amazon, Baldor Foods, Kroger, and Walmart will ALL BE USING by end of 2017!!

When will other Bebee BEES jump onboard?? @javierbebee #SweetHoneyHydrogen $PLUG