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$PLUG Introduces Mobility Hydrogen Engine

$PLUG Introduces Mobility Hydrogen EngineThe #BlueBox has been formally introduced as $PLUG targets China market for expansion!!

Think China delivery vehicles and a major auto/truck producer signs with PLUG for scale and green mobility!!

Yes, the ITC PASSING is the part dragging the stock down but a large China order changes EVERYTHING!!! China doesn't care about our polotics!! China only cares about GREEN MOBILITY!!!

$PLUG Introduces Mobility Hydrogen EngineEnvision TWO of these tanks Refueling UNMANNED UBER CARS in Denver.....

This is MY VISION of the $1.47 very speculative and very high risk, high reward!!! I need ITC to pass before I begin my full time new mission in full time marketing of the new Hydrogen Paradigm!!!

Uber Unmanned Cars will be part of the future, at 68-78 MPG and NO labor and NO EMISSIONS, the new Hydrogen Hybrid Model will be a normal thing in 2020!! $PLUG is doing 10,000 refuels today and adding 6000 new Walmart and 1500 Amazon(hasn't been formally announced as of yet!!! YES I KNOW!!!!) 

Bebee plans on adding 100 million NEW USERS in next few years!!! I plan on adding 20,000 new delivery trucks in 2018 with $PLUG!! At $1.47, the RISK REWARD is in your court to join #GreenTrucking into the future!!!