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Predicting 25% POP coming Monday $PLUG

Predicting 25% POP coming Monday $PLUGSometimes, ya just got to ""Go Big or Go Home""!!! I'm predicting a massive POP on my Hydrogen baby $PLUG on Record REVENUES and Record Margins along with several golden nuggets of information shared on the conference call details!! I'll even go a 25% POP in share price coming as 29 million are SHORT the stock!!

Most have NEVER heard of Bebee or $PLUG or Hydrogen Fuel Cells!! Social Media is about discovering the undiscovered!!! Everyone has heard of TESLA, and everyone wants to INVEST in the #NextTesla .  My PREDICTION is that in 2020, folks will be discussing $PLUG like folks are now discussing Tesla!!!  Cars are SEXY, Hydrogen Forklifts are totally boring!!! $PLUG is moving to delivery trucks with Fedex and Amazon along with airport ground support equipment with Fedex and other air carriers.

Join the MOVEMENT to Hydrogen at a very cheap discount today!! Hug me or smack me on Monday!! Like Bebee, Hydrogen will ramp over time as MORE and MORE join Bebee and $PLUG!!! It takes a leap of faith to have joined Bebee, it takes a MUCH BIGGER leap of faith to join the Hydrogen Movement!!  Monday is a LARGE DAY for me!!!

Case in point, I had NEVER heard of Bebee til 10 days ago......and in 2020 when you are telling the STORY of how you found #Hydrogen , I hope to be a part of that legacy!!! See ya Monday!!

Keith Bare 3/11/2016 · #4

#3 most Energy tanking today for sure!! $FSLR and $SCTY in a race to the bottom commodity solar!! Let's chat Monday!! This Nikola Hydrogen start up very intriguing!!

Dean Owen 3/11/2016 · #3

#2 I've learned the hard way, good company fundamentals mean little in a bear market and everyone thinks they are a genius in a bull market. Stock set for 8th down day in a row. First Solar down 17% today. Oil below $45.00. Not looking good. If you are long Plug stocks and in it for the long haul, close your eyes. If you are long calls, get out at any price.

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Keith Bare 3/11/2016 · #2

#1 google ""Nikola Motors""---their announcement of building 300 Hydrogen Stations changes EVERYTHING!!

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Dean Owen 3/11/2016 · #1

Wish you luck! I just hope that a positive earnings will not be drowned by election noise. Plus you are in an oil play, and that can be nasty!

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