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Simple Problems of Life

Simple Problems of LifeToday, I observed something soooooo bizarre, I have no way to express.......I'm driving from the airport and come to a ""road construction one lane""" patching operation......I see a LONG mile long line of traffic barely moving at a snails pace........and after considering another way, just decide to ""suck it up and wait"".  The traffic moves at a snails pace for 15 minutes of one lane only intermittent back and fort, I come upon the patching operation, and notice 20 cars in line the other direction and 10,000 cars in MY LINE!!! I say something to the foreman about miles of traffic the other direction and he replies""we don't care""!!!  Strange response but MAYBE the KEY to life, ""Care MORE""!!!

Dean Owen 3/11/2016 · #1

Very odd. In most Asian countries they would have set up temporary traffic lights and loads of people with walkies to direct traffic. This is how they keep unemployment low.

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