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Tesla Conf Call Crazy----Glass Plans

Tesla Conf Call Crazy----Glass PlansTesla Conf Call Crazy----Glass Plans#CaptainHydrogen has some crazy ideas, but I think Elon Musk has bit off more than he can chew!!  The GLASS PLANS are just begging the question """At What COSTS ???"" Solar Glass Panels......and Tesla???  I thought Tesla was a leading edge disruptive Electric Car company???  The Solar City has #DILUTION stamped all over that crazy idea as Elon uses Tesla shareholders to bail out his bad idea investment in $SCTY, while using the #GlassIdea to GLAZE investors and DAZE investors with the shine of glass solar panels!  At WHAT COSTS????  The Solar tiles are very nice looking......but, at WHAT COSTS????  Sorry $Tesla investors, this #DILUTION coming of 10 billion is gonna COSTS the $TSLA shareholders and fleece the $SCTY dilution into glass solar panels.......but, AT WHAT COSTS?????