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4 Reasons Why Professional Website Design Drives Business Success

4 Reasons Why Professional Website Design Drives Business Success

Building a website offers a unique way for businesses to connect with the world. It helps companies to spread a word about their brand digitally and reach out to as many customers and clients as possible.

However, a website will not serve these purposes if it lacks responsiveness, mobility, and appeal. That’s why websites should accentuate an aesthetically pleasing design.

So if you’re thinking about creating a website, don’t just to it by yourself. It’s better to let the experts do the website design and development for you.

Here’s the good news. There are a plethora of digital marketing agencies in Singapore that offers web design services. This means you will not need to handle the tedious and critical processes of website creation.

Here are four of the many reasons why your website should look clean and sophisticated.

It Forms the First Impressions

The saying first impressions last sounds a bit cliché but it applies to design a website. How your online audiences perceive your website matters as it can form a positive or negative impression towards your business.

According to a Kinesis Inc. study, first impressions are 94% design-related. Users judge a company based on its website appeal and aesthetics. This is not a surprising fact because most people are visually wired; they focus on visual elements such as colours, fonts, images, and more.

The research finding suggests that a website should use visuals effectively to establish trust in the online world. Colours, texts, and other catchy graphics must work at maximum to entice potential customers instead of driving them away.

If your website is well-designed, it’s easier to increase user engagement and interaction. You can build a seamless user journey, which is essential in forming meaningful first impressions.

It Influences Customer Experience

A bad first impression is hard to fix, especially if the judgement is based on a horrible experience. Let’s put it this way. If you tuned out a prospect in the first few seconds of his website browsing, then there must be wrong with your web design.

While visuals increase the overall customer engagement on a page, there are many other factors that can influence customer experience. Examples of such aspects are appearance, clarity, load time, and more.

Sure, a website looks great with eye-catching images or multimedia but it should also be incorporated with fantastic typography to obtain visual balance. But that’s not it. A website should look and function on any device for better user experience.

Additionally, navigation and load time are also crucial in helping your site visitors find what they’re looking for in the fastest way possible.

It Integrates Search Engine Optimisation

Website architecture and search engine optimisation (SEO) are intertwined. Good web design makes convenient for both visitors and search engine to navigate the website easily. Therefore, SEO can’t reach its full potential without proper website design.

This means that planning for a website launch or website overhaul lets you strengthen your online presence. SEO, being the process of optimising your site to get organic traffic, collaborate well with web design, thanks to a couple of elements.

The components that lie between the two are mobile-friendliness, easy-to-read design, website speed, and easy navigation. These things are both critical in both gaining traffic and attracting visitors to interact with your business.

In short, having a well-designed site gives you the best of both worlds—optimisation for search engines and optimised content for users.

It Directly Impacts Sales and Conversions

All the above—first impressions, customer experience and search engine optimisation—could offer great returns. They could persuade site visitors to learn more about your business and turn prospects into customers.

For example, if a user explores your website and was not able to locate what he’s looking for, then he will quickly leave your site and proceed to another website. The culprit could be slow webpage load time, poorly placed call to action (CTA) button or other factors.

This explains the importance of strategizing your web design. When a user had an awful experience on your website, it can cause a huge negative impact not only on your brand’s credibility but also on overall conversions and sales.

So if you want to attract customers to your site and turn them into paying customers, capitalise on a well-structured and aesthetic website.

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

Creating a website isn’t a piece of cake. Hire the services of a digital marketing agency to ensure that you achieve a website that will set positive first impressions, influence customer experience, optimise for SEO and generate sales.