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Bridging The Gap Between Student Expectations And University Offerings

Emerging markets surveyreveals a significant mismatch in expectations between students and universities

London, January 8th 2018 -Original research by Magnify Ventures investigates students’ expectations regarding their key motivations for going to university.

In order to explore students’ educational needs and motivations Magnify Ventures commissioned research led by IPSOS, the global market and opinion research specialist, interviewing 5,600 students in emerging markets, including Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines, India, China and Pakistan. In addition, 120 faculty members and 30 HR Managers of large companies were also interviewed.

When asked for their main motivations behind going to university, 9 in 10 students (91%) responded it was to secure a job and they believed it was a stepping stone to professional success. However, when asked whether the primary objective of universities was to prepare students for the job market, only one third (33%) of faculty members were in agreement.

To complete the whole picture and understand employers’ perspectives, HR professionals of large companies were also asked about their training budgets. Nearly 9 in 10 (87%) said their company had to invest more in training fresh graduates than five years ago, showing that the gap between what employers are looking for and what students can offer post university graduation is widening.

The results not only show that students hold expectations are largely unmet but more importantly there is a huge gap between students’ expectations, university offering and companies’ recruitment needs. A degree is no longer an automatic launchpad into interesting and well-paid work.When asked to state their top considerations when choosing a university,students in the Philippines said the length of study was an important factor because they wanted to graduate from college soonest. The top three considerations also show that students are getting increasingly keen on supplementing undergraduate university degrees with work experience or additional education.

“Busy working professionals, and even Overseas Filipino Workers largely drive demand for online higher education in the Philippines. At least 70% of online university students pursuing post-graduate degrees are working full-time.”Commented Christine Dugay, Senior Consultant at IPSOS.

Bridging The Gap Between Student Expectations And University Offerings

Considering the high expectations and financial sacrifices attached to higher education, bridging the gap is of paramount importa