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Bumgarner Vs. Snydergard for the NL Wild Card

Bumgarner Vs. Snydergard for the NL Wild Card

The Major League baseball playoffs are in full swing after the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles in dramatic walk-off fashion, and the contest between the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants will be no less exciting. Making this match-up in New York's Shea Stadium even sweeter is the fact that Madison Bumgarner will be taking the hill for the Giants against New York Mets' ace Noah Snydergard.

Mad Bum Is the Man

The legend of “Mad Bum” has been strengthened over the past few postseasons as he has taken the hill in clutch situations and constantly delivered for the Giants. The right-handed pitcher is one of the most feared pitchers in the game today, and he always seems to rise to the occasion when the lights are shining the brightest. In his last nine postseason starts, Bumgarner has an out-of-this world 0.79 ERA. As if this was not enough, the phenomenal pitcher has also thrown 23 shutout innings in elimination games. While the New York Mets have a potent office, this does not bode well for them. No pitcher's in the history of the game have as many scoreless post-season starts as Mr. Bumgarner. Another thing that he has going for him is the fact that the Giants simply do not lose postseason games in even years. Their streak of World Series titles in even years is looking to reach four following this postseason.

Thor Reigns Supreme

In the other dugout sits the New York Mets top pitcher, Noah Snydergard. While this year has been a bit rocky for Thor, he seems to have righted the ship just in time to take on a struggling Giants lineup that limped into the postseason after narrowly avoiding one of the worst second-half collapses in the history of Major League Baseball. Snydergard will have to be at his very best in order to keep the Giants off of the board though since it is quite possible that Madison Bumgarner will not give up a single run. Online sports betting sites are predicting  that this will be one of the most competitive MLB Wild Card matchups of all time, and fans are already scrambling to see if they can get tickets to catch this once-in-a-lifetime pitching duel.

What to Watch For

If Madison Bumgarner gets a run on the board from his offense early in the game, he will be able to breathe a little bit easier in front of the raucous crowd at Shea Stadium. One of his most impressive traits is his ability to block out all of the noise and distractions when he is pitching away from the friendly confines of AT&T Park in San Francisco. Noah Snydergard's 1.15 WHIP will make it very difficult for opponents to get any runs across the board should they happen to get a man on base. In what is anticipated to be a very low scoring game, the ultimate winner of this match-up may be the first team that is able to get a run across the dish. If it is a game of small ball, the Giants may have the upper hand since they do not rely as much on the long-ball as the New York Mets do. No matter the score, this will be one of the most entertaining Wild Card contests that Major League Baseball has ever hosted.

Must See TV

If you are looking for a good old-fashioned pitchers duel that will determine the team that will take on the Chicago Cubs, then this is the game that you cannot miss this season. It is a rare treat to get a pitching duel between two of the game's biggest stars on the biggest stage. With the bright lights of October shining for the entire country to see, Madison Bumgarner and Noah Snydergard are sure to deliver for their squads.