Essential Managerial Skills to Learn From Kent Paul Scarborough

Everyone can be a leader, but few rise to become great leaders. That is what one can say about Kent Scarborough. During his career life, he has played the roles of a CEO, entrepreneur, and the remarkable manager for several years. What traits does he have that made him excel as a manager?

When one is a manager, it means being in charge. A manager oversees operations, makes decisions, and lead people into playing different roles. Kent Scarborough managerial skills are exceptional. The man has the skills set that fit to head a business to excel. Therefore, what managerial skills could you emulate from him?

He must have planned operations pretty well

That explains why he held many managerial positions, especially at AAA Trade Power. It means he can plan and execute it for success. According to him, he loves it when he builds a business from scratch. 
That only shows that he prepares for the success of any company or business he works for.

Working with Kent Scarborough is more comfortable since he is an excellent communicator. He can communicate his thoughts well to his team and other workmates. Being able to communicate well led to achieving most of the company's goal since workers understood his ideas and plans well. A manager who can communicate gets his instructions heard and work done to perfection.

He made crazy decisions that were worth

Do you know during his working years in AAA Trade Solar, the company made vast sales of solar systems and ceiling insulation, which led to the importation of more to meet demand?  As a manager, you have to make decisions that will favour the organization you work for to make it excel. Kent Scarborough is a decision-maker, thinks out of the box, and that has made him an exceptional manager.

It is not that there were no challenges during his tenure as a manager. What made him stand out is how he handled the challenges. Being a problem solver made him solve the growing demand for the solar system by importing to meet the demand. When you are a manager, it is not a walk in the park, challenges come, and the way you handle them makes you stand out as it has with Kent Scarborough.

Being in charge is not easy

Working as a team made the difference. Kent Paul Scarborough is a team player and relationship builder. That is something he has shown in his career life. He understands that it is not easy to work with people of a different mindset.  That is why he uses his unique skill set to mingle and get people to work under his management style.

The superior managerial skills make him exceptional. The man has the mindset, skillset, and passion for making any business a success. Having been a manager, almost all his career life means he has the above vital managerial skills. He might not be a manager right now, but he undoubtedly left a legacy of how a manager is supposed to carry out administrative tasks.

Essential Managerial Skills to Learn From Kent Paul Scarborough

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