The success in the long professional journey of Kent Paul Scarborough from Australia speaks volumes about his expertise and deep business knowledge. He is a man with immense talent and sharp business acumen. He believes that there are loads of people with brilliant ideas to start their own business. But the fact is significantly lower number of people can actually start their business and make it successful. Find out as what’s keeping you from moving from X to Y is actually the idea execution. In the beginning of any business, it’s hardest to cultivate a new hobby that could make it interesting. Set yourself up for success ahead by knowing the and how to proceed. Time plays a crucial role in everyone’s life and you have to use some of the time-management tricks to get success.

Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful businessman who has achieved success in his professional as well as personal life. He says that his secret to success lies in striking a solid work-life balance along with time management skills. This approach helped him to get success in his professional life while giving him an opportunity to do things he truly enjoys. He shares some of the best time-management tricks.



Although most of the things must be maintained by yourself when you’re looking for automation then think of outsourcing. It involves costs but when you work out on cost vs time then you will realize that you’d be paying less than the total cost that could actually be incurred in case of self-management.

Combine tasks

The balance between work and home has to be maintained. Sometimes it becomes difficult. If you try to multi-task then it wastes more time than it saves. So, combine few tasks together in business and other normal duties.
Take frequent breaks

While working on your own projects, many people push themselves to work for unreasonable working hours but it doesn’t mean you are workingsmart as it effects the output.So, give frequent breaks as it helps to refresh you mind.

Make appointments.

Kent recommends prioritizing things and setting aside some time every day for your side gig. Always analyse whether the time spend on doing any task can be spent elsewhere. Prioritizing makes all the difference. You can use time management tools to keep track of all the tasks. Keep it separate for personal and work to-dos.
Join a mastermind group.

Brainstorming with peers helps to get new ideas. You can also join a mastermind group to share goals, discuss the progress and offer encouragement. Being accountable gives you extra push to keep going. So, implement the best ideas and make the best out of yourself in business.

Kent Paul Scarborough believes that it is fundamental to discover how to manage time to evade various sorts of issues in work. He stresses importance in time management and guides every entrepreneur to make a framework wherein everyone partitions his time to meet his work commitments.