Fortunately, every company has the capacity for enhanced productivity. It begins by proper recognition that your organization already has a good team of strategic team. The problem of different challenges can be traced back to as how organizations used to promote and develop team. How was lockdown for your company? Are your employees feeling stressed and isolated or working from home proved to be more productive and commute-free. In all these things, one thing that seems to be certain is that this global, flexible working experiment has changed our professional routines. During work from home, while on the one hand super achievers have worked hard and for long hours in the pandemic time due to fewer distractions while some on the other hand found things more difficult and they find remote working as not practical due to emotional reasons.

Kent Paul Scarborough – A Professional from Australia brings the key question on productivity that whether it is sustainable as people started resuming work from office while more of the people working from home .The business leaders should take adequate steps to address the performance lags among employees. To do so, they have to invest in underlying system and process that will help the teams work in a more productive manner. Business leaders should consider some of the ways to make remote working successful and for best performance and continuous engagement.


Define KPIs

The effective management of performance of remote employees requires defining key performance indicators (KPIs). Business KPIs track both productivity and effectiveness to create focus and more accountability within the team. It helps to identify productivity and warn employees who are not performing. The individuals can make their own way to the top management only by perfect demonstration of excellent performance on KPIs and the ability to resolve the various issues. Kent Scarborough Former CEO & Entrepreneur – Queensland, Australia says that these are valuable traits and not just the skills.

Create a connected team with positive recognition

Frequent meetings help to make a connected team and build a community even when people work remotely. This also gives opportunities to evaluate performance, important tasks and any issues to celebrate success. Ideas could be shared as people could ask others on how to deal in certain situations. Remember that a sense of isolation never develop and permeate a business.

Positive recognition helps to maintain positive culture. It drives productivity. Recognition becomes important when managers have limited access to physical and verbal clues. Leaders should identify occasions to express recognition and they should be tailored to individuals in a meaningful way. Technological processes proved to be of great help as it encourages desired behaviors.

Redefine the role of leaders

Handling a remote team demands excellent leadership skills like empathy, ability to create a community and the employment of skills for the best use of technology. Team requires coaching to manage non-performers and resolve a tough conversation remotely.

Remote employees should always feel empowered to give their best. Leaders will have to create an environment wherein employees can take ownership of their work and choose their preferred working style even while away from office.

Even organizations have to adapt to leadership development strategy to create leaders who can bring out the best from the teams. Such strategy helps to recognize different expectations from leaders in the new environment. This adds to the recovery time to schedules and helps to monitor the well-being of high performers.

Kent Paul Scarborough Former CEO & Entrepreneur strongly believes that we all should accept the new reality and adjust yourself. The winners in this new world will be who navigate themselves thorough the specific challenges successfully.