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Christmas And New Year On Pulau Pelangi Island

The gently sloping beach and the large cottage bungalows overlooking the beach as well as the enormous trees such as the forest make this island holiday very attached to nature tourism in the middle of the forest. Christmas & New Year holidays will be exciting to this island because the place blends with nature and coral reefs in this island quite a lot and also there is a large enough coral reefs. Play Watersport, Snorkeling, Fishing becomes the activities of tourists during their stay on the island of the Pulau Pelangi Island.

Pulau Pelangi Island Resort is a tour that is very thick with nature, because the shade of trees on this island seemed to be in the forest, quiet silent, and also cottage stage made of wood and permanent cottages make tourism on the island seemed to blend with nature. Mileage to the island takes approximately 90 minutes from the marina jakarta by speed boat, Christmas and New Year holidays the number of foreign and local tourists come this island to enjoy the holiday silence with family, friends, colleagues or office events.

Pulau Pelangi Island Facilities

Some facilities in this island include: Floating Restaurant, Rental Diving, Snorkeling and Fishing, Tennis Court, Table Tennis, Volley Beach, Futsal, Banana Boat, Kayak and so forth.

Pulau Pelangi Island there are 32 units Cottage, consisting of Tulip type 9 units, Jasmin cottages 12 units, 12 units of Bougenville cottages and Edelweiss type 1 unit. The bungalows are equipped with air conditioning, two beds and a hot water bath. All bungalows are facing the beach so that tourists can enjoy the beach view directly from the front room. On Pelangi Island there are various facilities such as, Canoe, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, Scuba Dive, Fishing equipment, and Casual Bicycle. Pelangi Island is often held for companies such as Outing, Outbound, Meeting, Family Gathering, and also for families and honeymooners.