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Appear Smart Enough To Be Teachable

All though your life your going to meet people .

Most of them will be evaluating you and never say so.

There will be the ones who have a high need for achievement

 Requiring constant feedback

Some will stay silent and brood.

All the while watching everyone.

Some will talk to you all day yet never say anything anyone can commit to.

Others will obsess with you. Usually for the wrong reasons.

One thing almost all people have in common.

They desire to be understood and require to know they are of value.

Every person has intrinsic value.

Every person has personality traits and quirks that contribute.

Every person warms up to community values.

Community child care, community security, etc.

The most searched for term in the history of the internet is " People "

People want to know other people. For two benefits.

First one is so they can learn who they are by seeing them self in you.

Second is so they can feel to be of value by lifting you with compassion, empathy, encouragement, recognition.

There are no other communication skills that replace the ability to listen.

Society is a game of poker. Play all the cards that can hurt you first.
Never harbor a secret. Because the energy of all memories is wide open to those who can read energy.

in conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

Show your smart, but not to smart. Always give the impression there is knowledge you seek.

Appear Smart Enough To Be Teachable

Kevin Baker Feb 6, 2020 · #4

#2 Hi Jerry. I try, I try. Waves and smiles

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Kevin, following your own advice I see. And so it goes.

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