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HumanauraHard wired deep in our DNA (inner person hood) is the desire to be understood. This anomaly is rarely fulfilled. Why? Rarely do we ever understand ourselves. Even more rare do we understand others even though it is the only way to objectively see our selves in others. This is the why we are defined as human, the strife to understand the who and why we are as a person.
Just what is the definition of humanaura energy? Or aura healing? Lets go through some assumptions first. There is a definitive substance to the human presence. Even in pitch black we know when others are about. Some sense weather changes , predict it quite accurately. Twins sense each others pain separated by miles. We are products of our environments. Our physical, emotional, spiritual self is a product. The product generated from our thoughts is emitted as energy, as emotion and of course our physical movements we decide. Some have instinct to sense outside influences unexplained in origin. Especially knowing love is formulating. Colors affect us and effect our thinking to a degree. Certain sounds and of course decibel levels of each. Affect us and effect our thinking to various degree's. IE: Sirens or Wind. Hearing your name. etc... Some sense the change of energy driving down long hills. There is many instances of communications not