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HumanauraHard wired deep in our DNA (inner person hood) is the desire to be understood. This anomaly is rarely fulfilled. Why? Rarely do we ever understand ourselves. Even more rare do we understand others even though it is the only way to objectively see our selves in others. This is the why we are defined as human, the strife to understand the who and why we are as a person.
Just what is the definition of humanaura energy? Or aura healing? Lets go through some assumptions first. There is a definitive substance to the human presence. Even in pitch black we know when others are about. Some sense weather changes , predict it quite accurately. Twins sense each others pain separated by miles. We are products of our environments. Our physical, emotional, spiritual self is a product. The product generated from our thoughts is emitted as energy, as emotion and of course our physical movements we decide. Some have instinct to sense outside influences unexplained in origin. Especially knowing love is formulating. Colors affect us and effect our thinking to a degree. Certain sounds and of course decibel levels of each. Affect us and effect our thinking to various degree's. IE: Sirens or Wind. Hearing your name. etc... Some sense the change of energy driving down long hills. There is many instances of communications not formulated. Thousands and yet there is each day more awareness, The media , this page influence's the people who read it. The accumulation of every decision we make be it .... Generates energy, fuel to charge the nerve impulses and reach their destinations. Our brains send information to our cells as maintenance, monitoring, regeneration. When we experience emotion it creates atmospheric change. Fear , how do you not know its present ? Most are quite acute about being in tune with the peoples energy that are part of their personal lives. The environment and how we impact it is the subject of this century. How do you know if someone loves you? You feel it, its not a thought, a touch, nor emotion. So in reflection of the original question, a definition.

The Humanaura:: Is an accumulated noetic field of all your energy created by cellular transmissions resulting from the decisions conscious, unconscious and autonomic since conception that is formulated into a blueprint of cognition's.

Anomalous Communications
If you can grasp and communicate on a cellular level the language is non local and its diversity is universal.

The sense of wellness. A varied and loosely formulated term. Although those who experience energy healing are changed. What is wellness? By definition its a noun and goes like this A healthy state of well being free from disease. Wellbeing by definition :: A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. Contented by definition:: Satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are. So taking those three steps says to me that Wellness is defined by your sense of self contentment. Contentment is Happiness with one's situation in life. True contentment is not wanting what you want. True contentment is wanting what you have. Discontent by definition is A longing for something better than the present situation. As with the rest of our human condition we require to maintenance the cycle of making forth with creativity, curiosity, adventure and discovery. Rejuvenate and invigorate your adventurous self with true grounding. This will reinstate your self protection and self healing. This brings me to one of my senses of accomplishment, to possibly be part of the shift of human process thinking towards our self, the planet and each other.
This website is in celebration of all the wonderful people I have had the gracious pleasure of encountering. Tip's Hat.

Be vulnerable carry no baggage
What you intend for others will find you
100% effort is perfect though we cannot be of perfection
Seeing how you finish is the beginning of success

Aura healing, is not a simple process. As the level of communication it requires is cellular, much more complicated then how are brain thinks consciously. In order to heal your aura. The changes must take place at the origin or its a band aid on a broken leg so to speak. To change your energy. To actually change this energy source on a cellular level. Not easily earned. The upside which is mighty. Rewards = Contributions The way you think , feel, address, deal with life. View your person hood. Changes. Fears dissipate and you walk through them , look back , smile, realizing that their never was anything tangible there to begin with. Fear triggered by emotional cognition's are illusions. All other people you know or interact with will change in manifestation. Healthy changes. That self generates more of the same. Facts rarely talked about however very true and provable is HUMANS CAN Consciously change regenerate or destroy each and every cell we are made of. A person with no shield can be altered by another. Grounding is what ever makes you calm on the inside. Calm in a way that is beyond what most perceive. This is a feeling that permeates every cell of your body and spirit. Its not just thinking , its a knowing that all is still on the inside of your body as well as your inner person hood. Grounding Definition::: Education or instruction in the fundamentals of a FIELD of knowledge. A Noe tic field. The key to basic human energy. The humanaura. The verb term "to ground="Fix firmly and stably". To bring to still. To harness the progression of all your thoughts into one pinpoint. Is the same as a restart on your computer. Grounding takes a storm of energy and brings it to a halt. This technique of energy maintenance brings about ongoing change. A progression of increased value or quality of life ensues. Physiology is the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms. One sneeze brings another:). This form of non local communication is on a cellular level. The level of which a person can expect grounding to spread is beyond comprehension. We interact with many people. If we change our energy , and it changes 2, and so on , and so on . until it effects us all. One small step...starts the longest journey....of life. I view life as eating an elephant :) everyone laughs. You can do it. One bite ata time .

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Great Buzz. I like how you focused on change. This buzz reminded me of I quote I heard, "Everything in life you every wanted depends on your ability depends on your ability to grow." Just as you said. It is not easy, and our ability to grow is intentional.

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Kevin Baker 11/11/2016 · #2

#1 @deb-helfrich thanks for the welcome.

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Welcome to beBee, @Kevin Baker. Seems that inner knowing is the synchronicity of the day, as this is buzz number 3, for me, focused on looking inward and feeling the energy of the truth And the truth of the energy within us - regardless of what the world might say or be doing, we can be strong if we have the right connection with our own inner resources.

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