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Lonely Or Lonesome

Trepidation of rejection and no acceptance.

This is the manipulators biggest tools.

As we have the desire to be understood hard wired into our instinct.

People that are lonely are shark bait.  Why? Because they need someone to show them acceptance.

We don't need it, we only perceive we do as this is brought forward from many many generations of programmed instinctual energy that is a bold faced lie. 

If you experience lonely and reach out in a way that is not healthy for you. You have become disconnected from your inner person.

Nobody is lonely as long as you have your self.

We have all heard the stories. We have all bought the T shirt.

Lonesome is desiring or wishing to share time with like minded people. Nothing else.

These two list are so wrong. Wrong in so many ways I don't have the patience to explain it.

Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, false-pride, superiority, and ego.

Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

So I better do that. The lies we program into our instinct has been going on for thousands of years. This is the why most people buy into the twists.

Anger is not evil. I get angry when I see people be cruel to the innocent. What is wrong with that. If you show people who are cruel compassion, that is enabling, not empathy.

Envy is ok, Jealous is disfunctional.

Sorrow. is longing for someone who has passed. We all want to be remembered. What up how the muck is that evil.

Regret is an asset. Remember them with out living death in slow mirrors.

Who isn't greedy??  Don't lie to me, makes my skin crawl and I will know.

I am a blunt arrogant prick, but you know where you stand, blunt arrogance is a comfort instead of being played.

Self pity, is also an asset to remind your self, Your becoming disconnected from your inner person.

Guilt again is an asset. Reminds us of an error not to turn into a mistake by repeating it.

Resentment is healthy. Who does not resent knowing you slave hard for your money to watch some public service crew all stand around watching a hole in the ground while one shovels. Costing 800 per hour. If you don't resent that, get help.

If your the laborer and someone is your boss, your inferior. What's the evil part.

False pride is evil, in my opinion this is the myth called the devil

Superiority is free comedy.  Listen to a former model on Ted Talk tell you looks don't matter after you make the money

Hahahahahaha sad funny.

How many of you think ego is evil. To many of you.

Ego the I or self which is conscious and thinks.

To be with out ego, your dead.

Self esteem comes from ego

Self respect comes from ego

Every intention comes from our consciousness intentions and the resulting thinking of which action to take.

Ego is healthy. Or your dead.  Make up your mind already.

Your selfish.  Damm straight I am. If I don't know how to love me, loving you is not possible so whats your complaint exactly?

Learn  #instinctualintelligence

Instinct is any behavior that does not involve learning.

Nod of the head, handshake, waving. All instinctual behavior that we do the same way over and over.

Instinct is programmable. If your aware. Or your not and some one else is your master.

In conclusion and never the end

Stop believing the rumors, the lies, the outright twisted truths of us.

Lonely Or Lonesome

Fay Vietmeier Feb 13, 2020 · #20

There are many ways to splice words ;~)
Often our words don't line up with our thinking ... but we reach some agreement ;~) I think it helps that your a "hat tipping" gentlemen
As I read your post this came to my mind:
These are more a reflection of character than feelings & emotions ... I am very often that wondering-off-topic bee
I take as my guide the following as what NOT to do or be: "the Lord hates:
haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict ... ~ Proverbs 6:16-19

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Kevin Baker Feb 12, 2020 · #19

#18 Exactly @Fay Vietmeier

Healthy pride . like i'm proud of me for standing up for others

Goes hand in hand with healthy selfish

False pride yes deception

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 12, 2020 · #18

@Kevin Baker
And a "top of the day to you lad" my favorite hat tipper ;~)
I do agree "all emotions & feelings has both positive & negative ... influence
When I consider "pride" ... I'm thinking if it as more like arrogance ... preferring my will to God's will (negative) ... This is me ;~) I have taken note that is not thee;~)
Healthy "pride" would be like healthy self confidence

“false” pride is self-deception

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Kevin Baker Feb 12, 2020 · #17

#14 @Fay Vietmeier

All emotions and feelings has both positive and negative

Pride can be very healthy

The only thing I call evil is false pride.

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Kevin Baker Feb 12, 2020 · #16

#13 Top of the day @Fay Vietmeier

Wonderful reflections

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 12, 2020 · #15

#6 @Bernard Poulin
Bernard~ There are so many nuances in words as @Kevin Baker & I have at times amicably agreed to disagree
From my grasp of the words: Being “lonely” produces being “lonesome”
I loved your comment especially this quote: "Solitude is to enjoy the company of one's "self" whereas loneliness is to find no one there”
You're never “lonely” unless you don’t like the person your alone with ;~)

Fay Vietmeier Feb 12, 2020 · #14

@Kevin Baker
(part 2)
Beautifully said & truth: “Regret is an asset. Remember them without living death in slow mirrors.” (shows a heart that is alive)
The prince of this world who is the god of this age is fueling GREED (it is everywhere in everything )
“Blunt arrogance” may be a wall but not a very attractive one ;~)
“Self pity” is a “pit and yes it “disconnects the inner person”
“Guilt” is a weight like un-forgiveness (learning from any “error” is right and might prove an “asset”)
Resentment is UN-healthy … leads to bitterness (another weight)
PRIDE is a heavy necklace … it is from the Devil-Satan-the Evil one his most successful appeal to “self” … and the pride of self
“Superiority” is a close cousin to pride … along for the ride
Healthy self-esteem is healthy
Many things can be learned and improved upon with desire, attentiveness-awareness and action
I do agree: “Aware. Or you’re not and someone else is your master”

In bee-fellowship … I sent you a yellow rose of friendship

Fay Vietmeier Feb 12, 2020 · #13

#6 Oh my dear “hat tipper” … an interesting post told in your distinguishing way
We do “have the desire to be understood hard wired into our instinct.
I would add: the desire to be loved & accepted & valued for who we uniquely are
Very insightful Kevin: people have “become disconnected from their inner person.”
A person-culture focused on externals will starve their “inner person”

I would edit your 2 “lists” but mostly agree with what you say:
… Anger is not evil.
(Jesus the Prince of Peace displayed anger when it was appropriate (against lying & cheating and unjust practices)
… We should get angry when people are cruel to the innocent
This is Right & Just
… If you show people who are cruel compassion, that is enabling, not empathy.
Cruelty is evil and should be called out
Envy & jealous are both “dysfunctional”…based in broken, sinful nature
“Sorrow” is part of the grieving process … very human & as we are wired (unless one has a heart of stone (I’ve never heard “sorrow” as “evil”-wrong “list”)
(part 1)

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