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Physiology , most powerful force on earth

Physiology , most powerful force on earthWhat shapes our society?

Who directs the path's most others follow.

I assure you it is not from people you have heard of.

All people have personal stress they harbor and wish to expel from them.

Many are quick to judge others just by words from outsiders.

If you wish to know who someone is, I find this simple.

I knock on their front door and say so. Most will indulge and tell you.

Media, including this page, influences those who read it.

Society has taken up the rumors to decide by misprison where and how to carve their path's.

Let's not forget where we came from, what gave us the opportunity to live.


This planet and it's environment, especially the energy that surrounds it, The energy you can't see, have no sure way of measuring, and most are actually not even aware of.

This energy is what propels us to destiny, the path of choice's.

We as a whole are responsible for the entirety we beseech upon our home.

Moral Fiber , what binds us to our souls.

Put forth to others what you will accept upon yourself.

Karma brings it back one day or tomorrow.

You can run and hide from others, you have to take you with you though mmmmm.

Till next time, wishing you well , tips hat.