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Sleep Is The Biggest Clue To Awareness

Disclaimer: This my own bias, your perceptions of this will vary. I am only capable of conveying a small portion of the information in my mind as the written languages we use are grossly limited and the words to say do not exist.

Language is proclaimed as an advancement, I believe it is used to keep us in our own prisons.

Sleep is necessary only because the five senses of lower consciousness is to low in megahertz to regenerate us and our bodies are organic, otherwise sleep would not be required.

How this happens for me I will explain at the end, however, I want to share a small portion of my struggles, my journey.

A myth I wish to clarify.
A wise man learns from others, only a fool learns from them-self.
Partly true, the truth is a wise person learns from everyone and everything. A rock is alive and does have information, if you know how to listen.

I keep repeating to close your eyes to gain clarity in sight.
I keep repeating that grounding is a feeling that permeates every cell we are made of and once grounded, a higher quality of life ensues.

All other entities in distress that I touch, go still if I am grounded within myself. This is the why I tell everyone who wants to shake my hand, I say no I don't touch others. This confuses most. All living entities are the same frequency as me or higher, except some people that are much lower and they drain me in less time then it takes to blink.

We go by what we can see in our mind and nobody else can.

When I stopped looking for anyone else to guide me, the path lit up and became very very clear.
The path for me no longer has resistance, no hurdles, no unnecessary stress unless I lose faith in myself.

Steve Jobs said you cannot connect the dots of megahertz going forward you can only connect the dots going back ward.
Regression Therapy. If you do not know what this actually is go HERE

The largest breakthrough of my consciousness came when after regressing backward and then arriving at a higher megahertz, is that I could have gone from where I was stuck to where I am. I just didn't believe it. I allowed my own self imposed hurdle to trip me up over and over until I just stopped and made a decision, I am not going to suffer the colossal disease of DOUBT.

Everyone has heard of ESP Extra Sensory Perception
We all have the same abilities that everyone else has if you believe it, this is that simple.

I made a living at this on many levels, for many years. I have never spoke of this in public before. I even used to have a room on Paltalk (for free to practice) that 100's would line up to and all of them refused to talk to anyone except me. Because I had near 100% accuracy in reading.  And I could read all of them at once. It has been years since I was there and yet many are still waiting for and even still asking about me. More then a decade has passed. Username which will find me all over the net SENCYMAN

What you will hear most is that once I connected with others, they began to tingle all over. This is a hint.

I used to have CEO's(OWNERS ONLY) call me and pay me 1000.00 per question, never did I have a complaint. This was as far back as 1979 and up to 1990. Nobody ever knew who I was, they didn't care, they only cared that the information was correct.

Don't ask I will not do that for anyone.

Anyone who does ask, I will actively avoid them, permanently.

Live as if all your dreams have come true, and this drags the reality of them forward, you cannot force this to happen by pushing ahead.

It is important to recognize your individuality to regress and come to the realization that we are all the same, all the same set of frequencies. We appear different, think different thoughts, are part of different ideas. However if you remove your physical sight we all appear exactly the same, ask any blind person what you look like, they will smile, and probably avoid answering you because they fear retribution.

One of the oldest Japanese proverb is, Don't Hate Me I Have Not Helped You Yet.

All frequencies are connected and IF you believe you can, jumping from 42.8 to 92.3 is a mere decision.  Most of you will balk, cast doubt, because we buy into our organic hosts limitations so much, faith in ones self requires stepping out of it.

The human spirit is limitless, boundless, and has no constraints until you believe otherwise.

Emotionally based FEAR is a self imposed ILLUSION

I have jumped out of my comfort zone to say these things to you, risking my well being. You will not understand the why of this until you take that leap of faith your self.

Ok then, the title "Sleep Is The Biggest Clue To Awareness"

This is completely my own bias, so don't complain.

First a question. What do you think happens to your taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing?

My answer is they go dormant, hibernate while the largest part of our brain, comes awake.

Where does the brain get the energy.

Just like Tesla's coil, and the resulting magnetosphere surrounding it, we live on the coil within the magnetosphere and the energy our mind uses to recharge, is everywhere around us, the same wireless power Tesla was creating  that was in his minds eye, a replication of the earth itself.  Maybe that is why time in space is limited, they have trouble sleeping.

A recharge by wireless is a pulse. Our brain can go from ,,,lets keep this simple... 0 megahertz to ... infinity, be careful though, if you go to high and stay there , just like the resonance of an opera singer to the crystal glass, you will explode.

I cannot prove this as the technology to do so does not exist, even though yes the Schumann resonance or the OHM of the earth which by popular results is 72.8, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. I believe otherwise as the pulse is ignored but that is another debate. Lightning comes from this OHM energy. The pulse of the earth like us can explode it's self. I think it maxes out at 728 under normal magnetosphere conditions but it is not constant or the pulse of this OHM resonance would not be detected.

In conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

Your mind sight is not just 360 but 360X360X360

Sleep Is The Biggest Clue To Awareness

Fay Vietmeier Nov 30, 2019 · #7

@Kevin Baker
Thank you for sharing some of your struggles& journey
It is written:
"As a man thinks in his heart ... so he is"
From the (book) "The Greatest Secret by Earl Nightingale:
... the greatest secret is that what a man thinks about most ... he becomes

The "disease of DOUBT" has always afflicted mankind
the opposite of "doubt" is belief
Believers are receivers
The question is always what does one believe?

I agree with this: "truth is a wise person learns from everyone and everything"

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.” ~ Socrates

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Kevin Baker Nov 26, 2019 · #6

#5 Kriya Shakti

Praveen Raj Gullepalli Nov 25, 2019 · #5

The video offers an interesting foretaste of the art of visualisation-manifestation KB! This was an ancient art too, that was perfected by many practitioners who, by intense meditation combined with chanting of specific sound arrangements, could actually create forms and intelligent presences that would offer them powers and boons. It was called magic by many who could never understand the science of consciousness, energy and sound ;) Most of us still struggle to do that. Thoughts do become things. Things good, bad or plain ugly.

Most successful enterprises are nothing but the outcomes of the 'Sankalpa' (a steadily, firmly held thought blueprint) and 'Shraddha' (application of focused energy towards enabling the same). It is a power most often misused. But the bottom-line is to have enough energy to be able to infuse life (vibrations) into the blueprint and put in the necessary hard work. Brain gets the energy from the food we eat. Without food your body and brain both would die very soon. Cosmic energy is another story altogether.

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Kevin Baker Nov 23, 2019 · #4

#3 @Jerry Fletcher , grateful for your kind words.

Jerry Fletcher Nov 23, 2019 · #3

Kevin, This was courageous, caring and profoundly insistent to parts of my mind that were taking evasive action. Thank you.

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Kevin Baker Nov 23, 2019 · #2

#1 Thank you for kind words @Pascal Derrien.

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Pascal Derrien Nov 23, 2019 · #1

Fascinating write up THANKS for sharing this Kevin

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