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The Future Is Now

We are in a constant dual set of loops of acting out our human theatrics and developing our intentions towards what we believe is coming next.

This of course is compliantly dependent on the position in our current Maslow's hierarchy of needs our consciousness currently occupies.

Example: In the fight or flight response of fear or aggression, there does not seem to be much time then to plan an appropriate gift per say.

The level of effort required for tomorrow is determined today through our intentions.

Some say it is not good to hang on to the past, I agree we are a species with amnesia.

The past brings me great joys of the moments when I am not caught up in all the theatrics of society.

 All the negative directed at me, some I deserved, and this depletes my life source, the cause my own error, however, the other to me is energy with no address or purpose having been created by others for what ever motivation, it was not warranted is not the important part the part that matters is what do you create with it?

I find this to be a large opportunity where I can take a negative and turn it to a positive with out upsetting my center balance.

The more attention I give to my intentions towards positive and highly selfish energy of what I create with it grows exponentially and is a fague term/definition of karma farming.  And it works well. Make no mistake about kindness from others or from myself, this is a selfish act, nothing else.

The two loops we are in constant motion is like watching two gyroscopes intersecting at the same center with out physically touching in the material world. This is how I see in my own mind the human aura. A flowing of energy from within outwards by intention.

In my physical eye the aura appears like the heat coming off a tin roof per say, energy in action that is in transition and no longer part of the physical state it has emanated from. In a vast variety of color. Anger is green by the way.

In conclusion and never the end, tip's hat. Wish you well.

Mine, yours, our future is to be an amazing adventure the more we farm healthy karma, to busy to create problems.

The Future Is Now


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Jerry Fletcher Sep 21, 2019 · #7

Kevin, Your description of gyros intersecting is close to my own way of thinking. You might like this video of mine:

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Kevin Baker Sep 16, 2019 · #6

#4 a person can be prepared with advantages or cast fate to the wind or do nothing I suppose, is up to each to decide.

Kevin Baker Sep 16, 2019 · #5

#3 And so on and so on, thank you for kind words.

Lyon Brave Sep 14, 2019 · #4

the future is undecided because it cannot be decided in the present.

Cyndi wilkins Sep 14, 2019 · #3

"Anger is green by the way."

Yep...The old 'green eyed monster'

" I can take a negative and turn it to a positive with out upsetting my center balance...The more attention I give to my intentions towards positive and highly selfish energy of what I create with it grows exponentially."

Absolutely @Kevin Baker...This is a beautiful example of moving 'beyond the self' while still respecting its boundaries...Your thoughts should always be designed in such a way as to benefit the self...Selfish as that may seem...establishing healthy personal habits optimizes the entire system, mental and physical. When shared freely with others with 'selfless' intentions, we stimulate the conscious growth of well being in our entire community;-)

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Kevin Baker Sep 12, 2019 · #2

#1 Thank you for kind words

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Pascal Derrien Sep 12, 2019 · #1

Designing the future as opposed to alter the various versions of the past , sound advice Kevin :-)