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The New Normal Is Relearn Your Instinct

The media is the solution to the problem and the problem to the solution.

Long as there is hidden truths there will be suffering for profit

The new normal is a physiological change of intention behavior

Calm well thought out actions will bring  clarity

If is the biggest word. If only. If we had. If and only if

The time is always now. Time to learn to listen to instinct is no longer a choice

Instinctual intentions is spreading like the virus through the fear of the unknown

Our societies blind fold and veil of filtered truths has been ripped off and only those who believed are now blind

Instinct is an intelligence that does not know how to deceive. Only our interpretations of this intelligence is our deception

Who is in charge of the world?  The ingrained delusion that we no longer need instinct to the point we no longer recognize what it actually is

The future of marketing is data transfer volume by advertising

If your video is large data transfer it will get passed over

Solution is no data transfer video.   Example Here

No player, no large files, a webmercial video that only uses 2.6 KB's of data transfer

Data transfer limits are coming , just like travel, food, and other staples

Self isolation is the mirror of reflection

There is as there always was only one front door to the freedom of no fear

In conclusion and never the end , tip's hat

Every thought is now the future, intend for others as you would have find you

The New Normal Is Relearn Your Instinct

Kevin Baker Mar 24, 2020 · #9

#3 We all have our internal and external public with in. That is why business is structured the way it is. @Jerry Fletcher

Kevin Baker Mar 23, 2020 · #8

#3 The disconnect is we have been taught what instinct is not.

Intuition and emotional filtered perception are the choices.

@Jerry Fletcher

Kevin Baker Mar 23, 2020 · #7

#1 Its a great chair, got it for wifey.

The solution is you get to view a video and your data transfer is near nothing

You can watch 100's more videos then traditional

@Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee

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Fatima Rasheed Mar 23, 2020 · #6

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Fatima Rasheed Mar 23, 2020 · #5

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@Jerry Fletcher I couldn't agree with you more. Technology is nice, but the expectation that biology must keep up the pace is ludicrous at best. Some of us see tech as a tool--others a lifestyle. Let's see who burns out first.

Jerry Fletcher Mar 22, 2020 · #3

Kevin, Resolution between intuition and data-driven decision factors is the ongoing problem of humanity. It is the subject of the book "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. I admit, I struggle to get through it but the idea that we are always of two minds resonates with my experience. And so it goes.

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"The media is the solution to the problem and the problem to the solution." I forgot that one--made me growl. I've tried working with media over the past year. I found out journalism as in the days of Harry Evans is dead. Journalism used to dig deep. Now digging deep could mean your grave. I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief. The good days of journalism left when it was determined that media can be and is used for propaganda.

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